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Hines & Zaffarese Landscaping did a wonderful job in the design and installation of our new backyard! Below you'll find just a few examples of our landscape design and installation, property maintenance, organic lawn care, sod & seed lawns, pruning, aerating, masonry, seasonal flowers, turf fertilization and pesticide programs, transplanting, ponds & water features, drywells, landscape lighting, gutter cleaning, commercial snow removal, tree removal and sprinkler system maintenance. Hines & Zaffarese developed a tranquil and peaceful backyard for this Long Island NY home to transform it into a serene and relaxing outdoor retreat. Our personalized landscape design created this lush, meditative backyard landscape in days, not weeks. This homeowner from Garden City, New York wanted to create a distinctive landscape design, which would compliment their new bluestone patio with plantings that would bloom from Spring to Summer. An existing pond was removed and filled in an environmentally friendly manner to allow for additional backyard space. Hines & Zaffarese developed an inviting Long Island landscape design for the front yard of this Port Washington New York home to transform it into a standout on Davis Road. After an initial consultation with the owners of this lovely Port Washington New York home, Hines & Zaffarese conceptualized this exceptional exterior landscape design via a CAD (Computer Aided Design) mockup. Hines & Zaffarese can transform your backyard into a functional, pleasurable outdoor living space, your family will treasure for years. Hines & Zaffarese developed a landscape design for the back yard of this Albertson NY home to remake it from an ugly storage area into a placid and restful outdoor haven. Hines & Zaffarese converted this backyard into an engaging and pleasurable outdoor retreat for this Albertson, New York family.
Hines & Zaffarese provided landscape design for this Williston Park home with elegant landscape design, a new sod lawn and a variety of flowering plants. Hines & Zaffarese spent time with the homeowners to discuss landscape design for their Long Island, New York property.
Landscaper Long Island will change your perception of landscape design and the impact it can make on your home. Landscape Design New York specializes in beautiful landscape designs and we pride ourselves on being regarded as the best in the industry on the North Shore of Long Island.

This home received a full suite of Hines & Zaffarese services including landscape design, masonry and a new sod lawn.
Zaffarese, created a beautiful landscape design, which accented the front stonework with a palette of soft colors. Hines & Zaffarese had their work cut out for them with this backyard, which had turned into a dirt patch surrounded by mostly dead bushes.
Shevlin let his creative juices flow while designing an environment that would turn this dilapidated space into a location that this family would treasure for years to come, using a variety of plant life that would thrive in the shade. We cut out some blacktop from the parking lot, installed a patio, and designed the landscape around it. LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a green building certification program that recognizes best-in-class building strategies and practices.
Located in Sands Point, New York, Guggenheim's Falaise is noted for being one of the few intact historic houses remaining on Long Island's North Shore, which represents the opulent Gold Coast period of the 1920s. We proudly serve Long Island and provide Masonry & Landscaping to out delighted clients. A combination of brick and elegant ground cover provides a durable and inviting driveway entrance to Long Island homes and also increases curb appeal and value. When Create A Scape began in 1987, we hoped that one day homes in all of Long Island, New York and Nassau and Suffolk counties would enjoy the backbone of landscape design- the stone walkway.
Create-A-Scape, East Northport, New YorkCreate A Scape is a Long Island, NY based landscape company established in 1987.
After an extensive cleanup and removal of debris and dead plants, Hines & Zaffarese designed this attractive backyard utilizing this majestic oak tree as the centerpiece. Hines & Zaffarese devised a practical landscape design to meet their precise budget and time requirements. Hines & Zaffarese met with the owners and discussed their needs and desires for a completely new "front-end" to their home. The newly constructed dorm rooms at the Summit building had to meet very stringent LEED construction standards (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

With that in mind, we designed an annual garden that accentuated the existing plants and hardscape. We’ll help you craft the perfect fit for your home, from design to installation to maintenance.
An outdoor pool patio compliments an active family lifestyle while also improving home values in Long Island and your overall quality of life.
Contact Create A Space to custom tailor your brick driveway design and landscaping for the look and feel of your Nassau or Suffolk county property. We also help you select the best plantings for the very specific climate here on Long Island so the job can be enjoyed for decades while you and your loved ones focus on the relaxation and solitude your family deserves.
It does not matter if you have a large property as smaller backyards are also perfect for those desiring a quiet space to relax in Nassau and Suffolk counties. Consider one of our custom stone patio designs as an long term, low-maintenance extension of your Long Island home. The landscape that was designed by Hines & Zaffarese utilized native species plants and was certified LEED compliant. In addition to creating superb stonework for your Long Island home, Create-A-Scape provides all phases of landscape construction including design, wall construction, flatwork and planting.
Create A Scape can transform that area around the pool with an aesthetically and eye-pleasing natural design. We work with you to develop your pool design vision and create your ideal poolside living space.
Create-A-Scape designs and installs custom stone patios which increases the value of your property, while also looking natural and beautiful- welcoming people to come and enjoy the outdoors year round. Create-A-Scape provides custom stonework design and installation to all of Long Island, New York and Nassau and Suffolk counties.

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