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Not that it is a necessity, but good lighting can enhance the beauty of the design, the place and the overall surrounding.
Unlike the freeform pool, geometric pool designs are all about straight lines and crisp corners.  Because of this, the opposite design elements typically work well with geometric pools, such as using rectangular or boxy planters and creating angular garden beds. A number of modern pools and their designs today are now borrowing elements from traditional Grecian-style pools.  Urns, water bowls and fountains are perfect landscaping options for this landscaping, and flowers that offer bursts of colors from the Mediterranean such as yellow and neon pink will add visual delight.
Resort-style infinity pool designs may provide guests with stunning views of the ocean, desert or forest, but for homeowners who may not have such a view, you can create your own with clever landscaping. What ever your style you have to admit free form pools are fun, not to mention most of the Austin area pools have a free form shape! Just because you have little space in your backyard doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a nice place to cool down, or warm up, too!
Here in Austin there are A LOT of gorgeous views of the beautiful hill country that surrounds us! For more Pool Designs and Features click here to view our more of our pools in our pool gallery! Drab and dull backyards do little to entice homeowners and their guests outdoors, especially as the temperatures begin to drop.
Rocks and stones have always been involved in classic pool and spa designs because they bring that natural touch to any backyard while also splashing the area with color and aesthetic appeal. Lights may be a safety necessity when it comes to pool landscaping ideas, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stick with the white classic pool and spa LEDs and backyard flood lighting. One of our very own designs, we loved how we were able to create a lovely free form pool with an infinity edge that stretches out over the trees below towards that distant larger body of water. This smooth pool we designed gives the impression of the home having its very own personal backyard pond (except it’s a whole lot less mucky than the natural variety!). This cool pool not only features a beautiful design and lovely stone work, it has just about every feature a family could want – a tanning ledge, a fountain, a tumbling waterfall, water sprays – it’s the perfect backyard pool! If you’re looking at Round Rock pools that are not only great to relax in but are perfectly designed for exercise, then consider using the image below as inspiration and take a more unique approach when designing your lap pool.
What we really like about this design is that, like a kidney shaped pool but far more unique and modern in appearance, it has two or three distinct congregation areas for friends and family. Round Rock pool owners know that every pool needs to be cleaned regularly in order to keep it clean and healthy all year long, no matter the shape, size, or design of the pool. Another thing to keep mind when considering the level of pool maintenance for your new or current Round Rock pool design is landscaping.

Whether you are a first-time pool owner or an Austin pool construction veteran, swimming pool maintenance is a huge part of designing the perfect pool. Built without a main drain, the Drainless Pool offers Austin swimming pool owners a safer alternative to the traditional swimming pool. Due to its low-cost and design versatility, concrete decking has become a popular pool landscaping choice for Austin and Round Rock pool owners in recent years.
Stamped Concrete: Though it may not sound particularly exciting, stamped concrete decks can be crafted to match any material out there, meaning that you have the flexibility to make your stamped concrete deck have any design or resemble just about any material you wish. No matter what your backyard pool design style or budget for a new swimming pool, the pool professionals and swimming pool designers at Oasis Pools can help you choose the right swimming pool decking option for your project.Contact us today to get started!
Landscaping is an excellent way to add character, color and aesthetic value to your Austin backyard. Austin homeowners can choose to have their own beach style pool and backyard or a mini safari with lagoon.
The trick is to choose an in ground pool design that will compliment the aesthetics of your home and garden while also creating a comfortable outdoor living space for you and your family.
These custom pools are particularly popular as homeowners can optimize on their pool size and design since it can be built around existing backyard landscaping and architecture.
Much like any of the other fancy pools on this list, however, the same special features such as a sloped beach entry, water falls, and stone decking can be incorporated into the design. Take a look at some of our pool designs as you read through these to see how Oasis can help you achieve an awesome pool design. If you are one of those lucky homeowners with a backyard that has a panoramic view of our beautiful skyline, then an infinity edge is just the right pool feature you. Austin homeowners who are looking to shake up their outdoor living space should take note of these classic (and affordable!) pool landscaping ideas when planning their backyard’s next makeover. Inexpensive and fairly easy to install, many rocks will stay fairly cool in even the most intense Austin sunlight, and can be used in a variety of ways, such as creating a raised planter. Most pool landscaping ideas incorporate plants, grasses and flowers that are extremely hardy (this is necessary so that the plants can withstand the chlorine around the pool), meaning they’ll be able to brighten up your backyard and pool area without a lot of maintenance. Have some fun and get creative with your lighting to highlight focal points in the backyard and to add some excitement.
The added height to both the spa and pool allow for bathers to get a greater vantage point of the backyard and surrounding scenery. However, there are some in-ground pool shapes and designs that are bit easier to keep clean and some that require a bit more TLC.

All new swimming pools will require maintenance, but with the help of a seasoned swimming pool designer, you can spend less time taking care of your pool and more time enjoying it.
In addition to influencing your design aesthetic of your pool landscape, your choice in decking material can have a large impact on your swimming pool cost estimate. Depending on the method and the brush used, these decks can be texturized (making them less slippery) and be brushed to craft a number of interesting and unique designs to match your swimming pool design aesthetic. They can be just that added touch you need to tie your entire Austin landscaping theme together! If you want clean edges with a personal touch we can help design a pool that mixes different geometric shapes to create a symmetrical but different shape or we can create a geometrical free form pool with different shapes and angles. With a spool you have just the right place to cool down after a busy afternoon working in the yard or adventuring in Austin. String LED lights are a quick and easy way to create a fun nighttime atmosphere, while strategically placed low-voltage lights can be used to splash light across walkways and draw attention to trees and backyard structures.
Compared to simple designs like oval rectangular pools, these types of pools will usually have special water features, rock features, and underwater benches that will require specialized cleaning to ensure that all tricky spots are taken care of.
Be sure to spend a little time researching plant selections for your pool area to find the right plants that fit with your backyard and lifestyle. Luckily, your swimming pool designer can help you choose between the different swimming pool decking options available to you.
When properly built, these pools give the impression of being a long lost lagoon conveniently located right in your very own backyard, providing your kids with a place they can let their imaginations grow all while under the safe watch of mom and dad. Add this design to a backyard with a distant view and it will appear that the water and sky melt together.
Austin pool builders that specialize in flagstone decking, like Oasis Pools, often use in-house flagstone crew, which can cut the cost by quite a bit. This feature can be added to a geometric shape or free form and of course it’s not just for those with an amazing view, anyone can enjoy this design element in their backyard.

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