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Knowing how to accurately set an hourly rate for landscaping work is a vital part of your business. Step 6Add up your costs for labor and materials, add in the profit margin and divide by the number of hours you estimate the job will take. Estimate costs and expenses using a software package designed for landscaping, such as CLIP or LandPro.
Landscaping and Groundskeeping WorkersAs of 2011, general landscaping and groundskeeping workers reported an average annual income of $25,650 and an average hourly wage of $12.33. Pesticide Handlers and SprayersLawn care workers who specialized in the application of pesticides reported higher earnings than general lawn care workers as of 2011, an annual average of $31,690 and an hourly average of $15.24. Sheepishly, reluctantly, and with some hesitation, in almost every case, the attendee will agree, “Yes, it’s possible that we waste as much as six minutes of time per hour.” And I say, let’s go back to the chart for a moment. If it’s possible that with your seven employees, you are in fact wasting six minutes per hour, your annual loss in profits to your firm is not $3780 but ten times greater or $37,800 per year. When I returned to him to calculate the annual loss (below) if, he in fact, was wasting six minutes per hour, something amazing happened.

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Setting the right rates can mean the difference between success and failure, between making a profit and making a loss. For example, if you have four people working on a job for four eight-hour days, that is 128 hours in total person-hours. You can also hire a professional landscape estimator or estimating service to do this work for you.
As of May 2011, trimmers and pruners earned an average of $32,970 per year and $15.85 per hour. First, estimate the average wage of your employees.  You can do this by adding the hourly wages of all employees then divide the sum by the number of employees.
Estimating is a skill, and each landscaper may use a different method to estimate costs, as well as targeting a different profit margin. Those who were employed by elementary and secondary schools reported the highest average hourly earning by employment sector, $21.94.

If you have an average wage of $12 per hour, you can estimate that six minutes of wasted time costs you $3,780 per year. No single correct hourly rate exists, and your hourly rate may change from one job to the next, as your costs, clients and business conditions change. Those in the Northeast and on the Pacific Coast reported higher average wages than the rest of the nation, and those in the Southern states reported some of the lowest. Trimmers and pruners working for the government earned far higher average wages than those working for independent contractors. By aligning the average wage in your firm to the number of employees in your firm, you have a good idea of the cost of wasting just six little minutes per day per employee. You see, ladies and gentlemen, locked in just six minutes of time per hour are the keys to financial prosperity.

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