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This website is the online edition of the publication Landscape Plants for the Arizona Desert. Xeriscape Landscape Plants & FlowersFor The Arizona Desert Environment.Pictures, Photos, Images, Descriptions, & Reviews.
Palmer's Agave, Agave palmeri.Desert Botanical Garden of Phoenix, Arizona, October 6, 2006. Agave palmeri grows in arid to semi-arid upland chaparral and Pinion-Oak woodland at elevations of about 3,000 to 6,500 feet, ranging from northwestern Mexico through south central Arizona.

There is a black market Mezcal production going on in northern Mexico and southern Arizona that is a threat to this plant. Flowers: A large stalk emerges from the center of the plant, it becomes about 15 feet tall. Flowers: A large stalk emerges from the center of the plant, it becomes about 6 feet tall. These resources were developed by the AMWUA Regional Water Conservation Committee, comprising representatives of AMWUA member municipalities with professional expertise in water conservation, horticulture, botany, and the plant sciences, and AMWUA staff, with the much appreciated assistance of local green industry professionals.

Often after the flowering there appear “pups”( already formed tiny plants) which fall to the ground, giving life to a new colony of Agaves.

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