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Our landscape materials consist of treated squares and timbers for retaining walls, raised gardens and delineating walkways. And we have recently introduced our 4” x 6” x 6.5’ Landscape Timbers with a rounded log edge on two sides.
Build up the main wall with another row of timbers, staggered over the joints - slightly less than 12' this time, because run between the ends of your edge rows. Do more rows along the edges, again starting at the corner and running each timber until it terminates below grade. This Old House landscaping contractor Roger Cook shows how to construct a wood-timber retaining wall to create a play area. Our squares and timbers are available in a variety of sizes, and our mulch is available in a variety of styles.
Landscape timbers come in 8' lengths, so to make things easy, with less cutting, try a pad that's in dimensions of 8' or 12', such as 8' x 8', 8' x 12', or 12' x 12'. In a 12' x 12' pad, this wall will begin with one full timber and one half a timber laid in a line.

For this drill a hole 6" from each end of the timber, and for the 8' piece, one in the center. The retaining wall is designed like a giant 'U', with the edges of the 'U' keying in to the soil and holding the main wall upright. Set up wooden stakes and nylon strings to represent the height and perimeter of the retaining wall.2. Mark somewhere outside the wall where you drive spikes in, so as you work higher you don't end up trying to drive one spike into one below. When using landscape timbers as retaining walls, 6 timbers high is about all you can go without needing further lateral stability such as 'deadmen'.
Stretch another level line near ground to represent the top of the first course of landscaping timbers.3. You can gather 3x5 Landscape Timber Retaining Wall guide and read the latest Landscaping Timbers Retaining Wall Ideas in here.
Anchor the timber into the soil with rod, and where it rests above the corner of the bottom row, attach it with a landscape spike.

Pound the rod down and through your timber until the top of the rod is flush with the top of the timber. Landscape spikes are heavy-duty nails - try to stay away from the edge of the timber and drive them slowly.
The rod has no head on it, so it won't hold the timber down - but it will hold it laterally and keep the timber from moving side to side.
Then, stake the timber in place by using a small sledgehammer to drive 4-foot-long rebar spikes through the holes and into the ground.9. Set the second row of timbers on top of the first course, making sure to stagger end joints by at least 4 feet.12. After installing the third course of timbers, make a T-shape dead man (tie-back) from two short lengths of landscaping timber.17.

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