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Unlike Landscape Lighting systems available in big-box stores, CAST Lighting products are designed for the landscape lighting professional. The CAST system aims to achieve the best possible system integrity by providing tools, techniques and support for the various stages of the project: planning, installation, testing, voltage adjustment, documentation and maintenance. Note that the CAST System of Installation is fully documented in the Landscape Lighting Installation Guide included with all CAST Lighting Transformers.
The CAST System is best learned through one of our Hands-On Landscape Lighting Seminars. Accurate formulas predict voltage loss and aide the designer in the selection of wire gauge and transformer type.
The CAST Spider Splice method is a vast improvement upon previous techniques that require more in-field splices and that fail to deliver consistent voltage to all fixtures.
After splices have been made, all home run wires are connected to the 12 volt tap of the transformer and the system is powered up.
The installer then tests the voltage using the testing wires in each Spider Splice® or at the fixture.
Use a Direct Burial (DBr) splice connector to connect each landscape lighting fixture to the cable.

One wire from each run will go to the common terminal, and one will go to the 12 volt tap terminal. Make sure you wait for night to fall and fully analyze your customers landscape lighting before leaving. From these measurements, voltage drops are noted and home run wires are shifted to the correct voltage taps.
LED, still lacking maturity, was of poor quality and provided inconsistent lighting effects at best. Halogen bulbs must be powered at voltages between 10 and 12 volts - anything outside that range serious diminishes lamp life.
The daisy chain can not be used with halogen because the higher wattages lead to more voltage drop. Since low voltage landscape lighting fixtures don't have a polarity, it doesn't matter which fixture gets paired with which cable wire. If all fixtures on a run aren't within 1.5 volts of each other, adjust your layout or break the run into two.
It's easy to convert your existing system just by replacing your halogen bulbs with LED bulbs.

Your initial investment in changing to LED bulbs gets paid back in a few years, and you continue to save for the life of your home.
Be sure to visit our Guide on how to make proper Low-Voltage Landscape Lighting Splices for more detailed information on this topic.
The typical LED garden light at a big box store will have no more than a 1-year warranty (if that!) That doesn't make much sense - buying an LED light that's supposed to last for 20 years but is only warranted for 1 year.
This is why, if you are serious about getting garden lights that will last in your landscape, you need to buy the well-engineered, durable brass light from a company like VOLTĀ® Lighting.
The lifetime warranty on every LED fixture and LED bulb tells you that these are some very robust products.

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