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When you select VOLT® low-voltage lighting systems, you get the durability and superior performance to deliver the following benefits. Improve Security - Deter intruders and prevent crime with high quality outdoor lighting throughout your property; studies prove that lighting prevents crime. Ensure Safety - Prevent trips and falls (especially important for your elderly guests) and reduce liability with LED pathway, deck, and dock lights.
Illuminate for Lifestyle & Utility - Expand your nighttime outdoor living space or backyard oasis with lighting for activities such as entertainment, relaxation, and sports. Be Green - Save up to 85% energy cost with environmentally friendly LED lighting - VOLT® lights are certified by the International Dark Sky Association. Lowest Prices - Factory Direct VOLT® designs, manufactures, and distributes all its indoor and outdoor lighting products - that's why prices are unbelievably low.
Highest Quality - Professional GradeWith in-house engineers and lighting experts, VOLTĀ® uses the latest LED and control technologies to manufacture the best LED lights for residential landscapes, commercial offices, and industrial spaces.
Lifetime "No Hassle" Warranty on All FixturesWith solid cast brass for its LED landscape lights, and state-of-the-art components for its LED bulbs and fixtures, VOLT® extends an industry-best lifetime warranty.

Products Always in StockVOLT® Lighting's three regional warehouses are fully stocked with all products.
Online Learning CenterWatch videos and read articles to learn how to select the best lights for your garden, deck, or yard - or how to install your low voltage lighting system - or how to choose the best LED bulbs for the job. 80% of the general illumination market by 2020, and the US Department of Energy has set the goal of using LED lights to reduce electric lighting consumption by 50% by 2025.LED lights are desirable in landscape design for numerous reasons. Low voltage LED landscape light bulbs are now available in different color temperature options.
In the long run LED landscape lighting is more reliable, efficient, affordable, and last longer than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. For LED landscape lighting, low voltage landscape transformers, low voltage direct burial cable, multi-tap transformers or LED light bulbs, VOLTĀ® delivers the very best quality for the best price. Their semiconductor-based structure allows LED light bulbs to be much more rugged than traditional light bulbs. Even the smallest of high quality LED fixtures can produce tremendous light output and LED lamps can be made in virtually and shape or size.

As LED technology continues to advance, and as the applications in which LED lights are used expand, these lights are quickly becoming the standard for both professionals and everyday do-it-yourself homeowners. Advances in LED landscape lighting technology has tremendously lowered the manufacturing cost of our high quality LED fixtures while simultaneously improving quality. It is because of these advances that the popularity of LED lights has grown so significantly in recent years.
Because they do not get as hot as traditional light bulbs, there is less danger of using LED lights near plants and trees.

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