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Woodwork racism definition, folding garden chair plans - PDF Review

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Screaming that people of color do not hold the institutional power that makes racism a systemic force and that we, non-white people, are incapable of oppressing anyone is futile.
Our struggles are always explained away via the highlighting of white ignorance to all things racial – and we’re just supposed to accept that as enough.
Racism seems to exist to white people only when they are the supposed victims of the phenomenon.
Why do people have such a hard time differentiating between racism and institutional racism. Racism is discrimination based on race or the belief that a specific race is better than others. Institutional racism is systemic oppression that you idiots are trying to change the definition of racism to be.

If you read the lady’s comment it is quite clear that this was not one little experience but a deliberate and sustained attack on one person purely on the basis of her colour and that is quite definitely racism. Whenever I bring up the ills that affect people of color — and indite white folks as the perpetrators — some white soul comes out of the woodwork proclaiming that his or her race can also fall victim to racism.
It’s irritating to explain why people of color can’t be racist to white folks who want the world to acknowledge how they, too, can experience the suffering that non-whites endue on a daily basis.
All the commenters are talking about racial discrimination, which anyone can be a victim of. An internet fight is as satisfying as masturbating with wet spaghetti, but believe that I have experienced racism, and I know that it sucks.
Hang your head in shame, you heap further injury and injustice on a victim of racism with your ill considered comment.

I looked at it not so much as racism, or reverse racism, or whatever it is called nowadays, but instead as just plain, flat out bullying. Like everyone in this comment thread has said, every race is subject to racism or discrimination or prejudice.

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