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Make wood lathe screw chuck, plans childrens wooden playhouses - For You

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I want to make this call for a woodshop class project, but my teacher won’t accept thoute plans without dimensions. You could glue it in with superglue or epoxy or you could use a very long screw with most of it's length screwed very tightly into the body of your screwchuck. I filed out the centre hole to form a slot and ground down two flats on the screw head to fit.
You have to recess the washer into the wood if you want the screwchuck to fit onto the flat face of a faceplate. Topics relevant to the art and craft of making Custom Game Calls not specific to a particular call making area such as finishing, tooling, lathes, and other items.

A hole is drilled in the center to couple the vacuum through as well as three holes drilled for fastening the faceplate to a wooden block. Probably not necessary, but I use whatever caulking compound is around to seal the wood to the faceplate.
The vacuum hole already in the faceplate is drilled through the wood block now while it is easy to do. With no reason to be at exactly the same diameter as the steel on the faceplate, the wood is only turned until round and close in diameter. The PVC pipe I am going to use is loosely chucked and tightened after being centered with the tailstock cone.

Once the PVC pipe is running true in the chuck, a parting tool is used to cut a length the proper distance from the chuck.

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