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How to build simple brick steps, delta model 22-580 - For Begninners

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The method you use to finish concrete steps with mortared brick depends on whether you're pouring new steps or finishing existing steps.
If you're pouring new steps, allow for the thickness of the brick and the mortar bed when you compute the unit rise. If you're adding brick to existing steps, and they won't interfere with the door opening, use the technique illustrated here. Mortaring bricks to steps requires a poured concrete foundation that is solid and has a surface in good repair.
Using the same techniques, continue laying riser brick and tread brick, spacing and leveling each step.
Making these dreams come true is simpler than you thought -- print these instructions to begin!

If you have brick staircases or porches inside and outside of your home that may be in need of a little touch up, you may want to learn how you can build brick steps. Continue building in this way until your brick steps are completed to the specifications of your design.
Bricks set in a rowlock (shown) make a strong and durable surface, but you can experiment with other patterns. Some homeowners find that brick details increases property value in some cases and add an element of beauty that some other materials may not contribute to their overall landscaping. If the surface will end up too high, you'll have to change the doorway or redesign the steps. This thickness is probably strong enough for mortared steps but may not satisfy local building codes.

Bricks set on the treads can overlap risers by 1 to 2 inches, as long as the overlap is equal on each step.
Lay out the bricks in a dry run first to make sure the bricks line up properly and fit the steps. After everything is in order, apply a final layer of mortar across the top of the bricks to continue the next level. When you have laid the riser brick, set a level across them to make sure they are level and flush.

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