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Folding rocking horse plans, build wood gate fence - Reviews

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The Tori folding rocking horse is by Plan Toys, which means it's made from sustainably harvested plantation rubberwood, and it's kind of modern. And as soon as I've got that solved, I'll start looking into the mystery that is Plan Toys itself. Rocking chair meets rocking horse in this best-of-both-worlds design from modern furniture maker Offi. There is a screw that holds it in place, and for the record it can handle an adult sitting on it. Unlike most rocking horses that tend to take up a lot of space, this rocking horse can easily be folded to make it more compact. Of course, DWR's other selling point is that their items are frequently in stock, so you don't have to wait some ridiculous amount of time before receiving delivery like you do when ordering from places direct, like Knoll or Ligne Roset (I ordered something from Knoll in May and still haven't received it!).

Another modern feature we love is its ease of storage; the horse folds flat so you can maintain some semblance of order amid the playroom chaos. To also prevent this rocking horse from accidentally closing on a child, it has a built in stopper.
Since the Tori Rocking horse does require some simple assembly, make sure that you follow all the directions when putting together this cute rocking horse, for safety’s sake!
Children can easily be knights, off to fight a monster or a princess, riding her favorite horse! While some parents have talked about putting children as young as one on this horse, it is recommended by the manufacturer that children should be at least two years old before riding the Plan Toys Tori Rocking Horse – largely to prevent unnecessary injuries. Things get even better if you have multiple children playing in a playroom since the Plan Toys Tori Rocking Horse helps build social skills and encourage sharing.

Which is not to say that this toy is unsafe; the rocking horse has a wider seat than many other rocking horses on the market. One toy that has been getting quite a bit of attention this Christmas season is the Plan Toys Tori Rocking Horse. The wider seat and frame gives the horse more stability, preventing your child from falling over with the horse.

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