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Diy treehouse bed plans, powermatic wood lathe duplicator - Review

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Last winter, stuck inside for months and months while we waited for the sun to return to Alaska, Grace and I were really missing her original playhouse bed. Now that I blog, our spare bedroom has turned into my office slash room of shame and the only place we have for guests to sleep is Grace's bed.
But then last winter, Grace saw the Eli Fort Bed in Pottery Barn Kid's catalog and asked if we could build it for her. When my dear friend Jaime from That's My Letter wrote me saying it was her Buddy Boy's turn to get a new bed and, I knew Jaime would get the bed done and posted and shared. We worked on refining the plans, and you will thank Jaime when you build this bed for her brilliant suggestion to sister up 2x4 legs for added strength. Well, if I haven't lost you already - no offense taken - Jaime really built an amazing bed!

Designed by Marjan Godrie for Danish retailer kidsfactory, these treehouse beds are available in a variety of colors from grey and brown to pink and green.
While not as in-your-face treehouse as our other finds, this cleverly styled bunk bed still has that fantasy quality and leaves space beneath the top bed for play. Bring inside a bit of magic to bedtime by updating your kid's room with a unique treehouse bed. This treehouse bed from Life Time Furniture comes with a climbing rope as well as a ladder, and includes space below that’s perfect for housing sleepover guests. Juli, the blogger mom behind The Slow Life, dreamed up this indoor treehouse, drafted plans, borrowed some power tools and built the bed. Imagine a bedtime routine that includes your child eagerly climbing up a ladder to his bed situated high (but not too high) off the ground.

Yes, the treehouse is the central focus, but you’ll also find faux trees, a swing, a climbing rope, and lots of clever storage solutions. The detail of the trees branches is beautiful and the stairs leading up to the bed are wonderfully sturdy (and safe!) compared to most ladder styles. A lofted bed also means no mess underneath it - instead you can use the newly created space for another tot to sleep or storage. Read on to find six eco-friendly, dreamy treehouse bed designs to DIY or buy. Here, the treehouse is used for play in this amazing rec room, but a mattress could easily be added for sleeping.

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