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Best laminate trim router, wooden kiosk design - Within Minutes

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To call a trim router by its better-known name -- laminate trimmer -- is to seriously undersell this mini machine's usefulness in the shop. The tested routers provide coarse depth adjustments (unlock the base and slide it up or down on the body), fine adjustments, or both.
New down shear helix laminate trim bits for an excellent finish, especially in difficult materials, such as melamine.

Given the high motor speeds, we expected our chamfering bit to burn the cherry, but we had to run the fastest router at its full 35,000 rpm speed, and a snail's-pace feed rate, to get it to scorch.
But if you'll use your trim router to rout a recess for an inlay or to plow out a hinge mortise, you need to see what's going on down there. And, with its smaller base, you can guide one along a straightedge on narrower workpieces better than a full-size router.

We gathered up 12 trim routers, both corded and cordless, and used them for more than a month to find a favorite.

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