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Zentools2 is a Joomla 3 + compatible package that consists of a primary display module and two helper plugins. Zentools2 is all purpose content display module with an inutuitive workflow that helps you to create beautiful and feature rich galleries simply and easily.
Zentools v2 is a completely new extension and as such can be used in conjunction with Zentools v1. Zentools2 provides a handy way to check to see if there is a new version of the module available. It's been a few months since we released Zentools v2 - our responsive gallery module for Joomla 3 - and during that time we have been busily integrating it into all of our new Joomla templates.
The response to Zentools v2 has been great and we have received a lot of great feedback from users regarding what they want to see in future versions. Please note that after installing this version of Zentools2 you will also need to recreate the master css via the theme tab for some of the fixes to take effect. For those of you waiting for the addition external links and some other new features, they will be released in a version of Zentools scheduled for release next week.

It's also not too late to take advantage of the 30% off coupon we announced when Zentools2 was released, Simply use the coupon "zentools2" on our checkout page to take 30% off your next subscription. Zentools2 is a completely rewritten and redesigned module that features most of the elements of the original version with a ton of new additions that will make Zentools2 a necessary part of your Joomla site building kit.
This means that there will be no release for May, Zentools2 will be released as our June offering and all of our members will receive an extra month free to compensate for this missed release.
When I first developed version 1.0 of Zentools I left out the filter view option which can be still found in the older Microblog module - It soon became clear to me that I under estimated how popular this layout was. Zentools 1.2 implements the filter option albeit in a slightly different way by using the item categories to sort and filter the items.
Another useful addition to Zentools v1.2 is the ability to display a single item that leads to a lightbox gallery.
In addition to our 20+ responsive templates we also offer powerful and flexible responsive tools such as our multi-purpose Zentools module and Zenkit, our standalone responsive K2 templates. The benefit of this is that you can slowly move your existing Zentools v1 modules across to Zentools v2 without losing any of your content.

To see if there is a new version available simply open the module in the module manager and on the overview tab (the first panel in the zentools2 settings) click on the button that says Check for updates. I had hoped to be announcing the release of Zentools2 as our May offering, however despite our best efforts it's not quite ready.
Zentools has been doing this with K2 for a while, but now you can use an image in the module that isn't displayed in the item itself. If you have a unique url specified in the Joomla content item you can have that specific Zentools item link to an external url - this applies for both the lightbox and content item link options.

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