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Easter is a time when Christians around the world remember the incredible love sacrifice of Jesus Christ. If you have had to suffer through a desperate and painful time without the support of friends and family, Jesus understands your struggle. Martin Luther put it very well when he said, “Sin is, essentially, a departure from God.” When standing in the all-consuming fire of God’s great love, any sins still clinging to our garments will find themselves exposed.
Contentment will seep into your heart as you willingly laying down your desires, asking Him to make His your own.

There were two criminals crucified with Christ and both were guilty of their crimes.  One of the two men mocked Jesus and threw insults His way. Just as Simon helped to carry the same cross of Jesus, we are to carry the same cross of others when they are too worn to move forward.
By casting all of your cares upon Him, burdens will lift and a spiritual balm will find it’s way to your wounds.  Healing will come but suffering will become a new joy for you to bear as you share in the sufferings of Christ. Every talent and gift, weakness and flaw, strength and disability was given to us for a reason.

Emotional ties are often entangled with some sort of sin and can cause great pain, for love is a tender feeling.

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