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Get your workout over with – Before any thing else takes over your day, work out either in the early morning before work (or RIGHT after) or before the kids get up (or home from school). Write it Out  – Write down your goal and put it up in your bedroom, your bathroom, your desk, or heck, even your frig.
With that said, I found some before and afters of random strangers to hopefully motivate anyone into pushing themselves outsided their comfort zones! They are stories of how Endomondo has changed lives, from support in marathon training to motivation for weight loss to help in overcoming serious medical ailments. All of the foods we eat that are part of the Standard American Diet aka SAD are killing us from the inside out.
Even though I had met goals and was a leaner version of me I was burning out and losing interest. Fortunately my kids are old enough to fend for themselves and even help their slacker mom out.
If you are only training and dieting to simply look better, you are going to have to find a deeper reason to do this, because that is simply not motivating enough to keep you focused on your fitness goals year after year. Also, with coming in 3rd place out of 8 tough pro competitors, I’m incredibly ecstatic!
I think Americans generally are not used to working very hard, in terms of working for the collective. And just as I started to slow down to cheat myself out of 10 minutes these 2 songs came on my iphone (see below). Whenever you are struggling with your motivation to come to a class at SICFIT Scottsdale, look down at your finger prints.
And even though it feels as if I’m speaking to a brick wall day in and day out, I will still be that broken record.
I also want to be a part of the community of Crossfitters out there because we can all relate. There are food scientists out there that use chemicals our bodies aren’t meant to ingest to make that food oh so tasty.

Many of my clients start out believing they can never look like a fitness model or even simply lose 20-30lbs. The objective of this technique is to help your muscles pump, flex and look like they are literally jumping out of your skin when you pose! So, after my ridiculously exhausting week of depletion and intense extra work, Friday came (that was honestly my main motivation to help me through those extra cardio bouts!) I began my carb-up after my morning workout. This program is designed for the person looking to get the most out of a personal training career and not just “make ends meet” but truly thrive! Soon thereafter though, their passion begins to burn out because they realize they do not have enough training sessions to pay their bills and when they do get paid, it’s not nearly enough! In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.
By the time you list your last motivation, you might as well start putting your gym clothes on, because we guarantee your feelings about hitting a workout will have shifted!
As you gaze at the uniqueness of each one, remind yourself out loud of one of the reasons you put in so much hard work in the gym.
I have not had weird growths, mutations or sickness come upon me from cutting out processed foods. Upon completing the weekend course, each participant will also be given a full day’s worth of hands on client training, working alongside Jon Arnold as he coaches clients and teaches classes. The truth is, even by working at it all your life, your great looks will eventually fade away! So, I want everyone to understand, by eating 1200g of carbs in one day, it’s not a lifestyle habit that I would recommend anyone start trying out tomorrow! From June 2014 to March 2015 I dropped my weight 30lbs, which is about 3lbs per month (not per week!) From that point, I was 20 weeks out from my first competition and then started a more formal prep diet where I started losing 1.5lbs per week which brought me right into a very lean state and competed approximately 6lbs heavier (competing at 201lbs) than my previous show weight 2 years prior. Let’s face it, working out takes effort, and often you may not want to put in that effort. I did cardio daily either 30mins or 45mins alternating between HIIT training and LISS and I also followed a single bodypart per day workout style ensuring I did at least 20 working sets per body part which would typically last about an hour.

Come on out if you can or find a local box near you, there’s a good chance they will be participating. If someone is trying to call or text you while you are working out, it’s time to ignore it. However, the majority of you reading this I know are not in the fire department, and even if your workplace was burning down, you showing up 20mins later or 40mins later would likely not make a bit of a difference to the outcome.
The typical American dining out meal at a restaurant will yield about 1000 calories with close to half those calories as fat. It doesn’t take an economic genius to figure out that you are losing out on a lot of money by participating in this sport long term.
For me, I see choosing to eat out at a restaurant regularly as choosing pleasure over ultimate joy.
Don’t get me wrong, you can certainly go out to eat and make wise choices and keep the fat, sugar and sodium down in your meal, but it will often take extra work. Most people seeking to eat out are not seeking extra work, because eating out is about pleasure not ultimate joy. I felt so accomplished and sore when I stepped out of that gym last night because I knew it was that easy for me to quit but I didn’t. In fact, another competitor came up to me after prejudging and said to me that I look so much better on stage then when I was just back stage hanging out! I did know, simply from previous competition experiences, that when I would go out to eat after a show and get some high carb, high fat, salty foods, I would end up looking quite a bit better for awhile afterwards.

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