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Gandhi vs Godse: We have to go beyond the binaries of good and evil - Firstpost firstpost tech2 faking news F.
My purpose in beginning with this generality is to discuss the Gandhi versus Godse issue, which has elicited much holy discussion in parliament and outside it.Contrary to what one may believe, Gandhi was not a villain only for the Sangh Parivar or his assassin - Nathuram Godse and his supporters in crime. Gandhi, for example, is a villain for many Dalit organisations, and Babasaheb Ambedkar himself had harsh words for Gandhi in his time. Even today there is an Indian activist in London campaigning against erecting a Gandhi statue there because she thinks Gandhi was a “racist” and a “sexual weirdo”.
Among his listed crimes are exploitation of hapless women followers, who were morally coerced to sleep with him in the nude just so that he could prove to himself that he could think celibacy even in this situation.Contrary to what one may believe, Gandhi was not a villain only for the Sangh Parivar or his assassin - Nathuram Godse and his supporters in crime.
GettyImagesSo to posit Gandhi as anything other than a hero and Godse as nothing more than a villain, just because the latter was the man who killed Gandhi, is to try and create black-and-white, cardboard characters, Bollywood-style.Gandhi was grey, as was Godse.
Godse’s ideas were checkmated by Gandhi's popularity, and this frustration drove him to murder, for which he was rightfully convicted and hanged. If he had waited awhile, Godse would have probably seen Gandhi lose some of his popularity - as the near complete abandonment of Gandhi's ideals in modern India attests.
In fact, all those who now use Gandhi as a stick to beat the Sangh parivar with have actually murdered him in spirit by their own venal corruption, hypocrisy and general abandonment of the idea of non-violence.Before we discuss more of Gandhi and Godse, it is worth recalling that post-assassination, even the Sangh has had to acknowledge Gandhi's Hindu identity and his steadfast adherence to it.

The Sanghis now quote Gandhi when it suits them, and Gandhi's views against religious conversion are often quoted with great relish – most recently by BJP Cabinet minister Venkaiah Naidu the other day parliament.So let us be clear. Neither those who posit Gandhi against Godse, nor those who do the opposite, today see Gandhi in black and white terms.
He is both hero and villain, depending on a person’s political purpose of the moment.Gandhi wanted to see his version of Hinduism as a generous ideal where there is no place for ill-will towards other communities, especially Islam.
He interpreted the Bhagawad Gita in his own way, and saw it as an allegory for every person's constant fight against the evil inside him, among other things. This is why he told the British to not fight Hitler and instead appeal to his higher impulses and sacrifice their lives. Of Hitler would have won World War II.In other words, Gandhi was the ultimate pacifist for whom violence in any cause was more or less evil. This, in fact, was Godse’s point (read his final speech on why he killed Gandhi here).Godse attacked Gandhi's ultra-pacifism as wrong. Few would disagree with him today.The other thing about Gandhi that Godse disliked was his tendency to barter away things that were not his to barter. Gandhi saw himself as a leader of both Hindus and Muslims, but around the mid-forties, it was Jinnah who had conquered Muslim hearts and minds.

Around the time of partition, while Jinnah could confidently claim to represent most Indian Muslims, Gandhi and the Congress did not want to acknowledge the ground reality that they may not represent anything more than Hindu aspirations.
Gandhi negotiated with Muslim leaders on the assumption that he could ‘give’ concessions on behalf of Hindus – when not all Hindus were on board on his actions. In that context, it is not surprising that a Godse was born.Today, we can re-evaluate Gandhi himself and note that despite his Mahatma status, he had serious flaws. Just as few Christians today believe in Jesus’s advice to turn the other cheek, few Indians believe Gandhi’s ideas have practical value. He indirectly admits that he had to kill Gandhi as he saw no escape from his ideas – which he abhorred – due to Gandhi’s extreme popularity with the masses.

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