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Most, if not all, chronic disease can be controlled, even reversed, with a diet that eliminates animal products and processed foods and is ultra-low in fat.
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While preparing your own clean meals might take some getting used to, all you need is a little knowledge up front about nutrition and finding the right foods, says Dudash.
Subscribe to the Life by DailyBurn newsletter for healthy tips, articles, recipes and more. It’s loaded with toxic chemicals, high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, hydrogenated and heavily processed until it hardly resembles the food it used to be.And your body can’t handle it. This guideline is the basic premise for clean eating, one of the most talked about diets right now. Research shows diets high in fiber from foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains can reduce inflammation linked to a slew of chronic diseases, like heart disease and diabetes, all while helping regulate your weight. Plus, buying locally grown produce ensures you’re getting foods that are in season, which tend to taste fresher, says Dudash. But when it comes to convenience foods, always read nutrition labels to ensure what you’re buying is made with natural ingredients, not chemicals, says Dudash.

The Forks Over Knives Plan, a new book in the series, was written by two medical doctors, Alona Pulde and Matthew Lederman, who treat patients with this dietary regimen.
But the diet, which is all about choosing foods raised, grown and sold with minimal processing, is less about dieting, and more about going back to the basics, in an effort to stave off disease and promote a healthy weight.
That means opting for sprouted wheat over white bread, oranges over orange juice (fresh-squeezed is OK). Even better: “When your food tastes better naturally, you don’t have to manipulate it with all that salt, sugar and fat,” she says.
Zero in on (and do your best to avoid!) packaged foods that contain added sugars, artificial food coloring, preservatives and chemicals.
Not to mention, you’re more likely to be eating over-processed, higher-calorie foods if you eat out. It is essential that vegans eat legumes and whole grains for protein and other vital nutrients. Buying local produce not only reduces your carbon footprint, it helps ensure you’re getting the most nutritional bang for your buck.
All that extra time food spends on a truck can cause nutrients, like vitamin C, to oxidize and diminish.

If the package “brags” – “low-fat!” or “High in vitamins!”, it’s probably loaded in chemicals.Real food has no bragging on it.
Soybean oil is one of the worst, causing dysfunction in your body to a cellular level (processed foods are loaded with it).5. When food is turned into “low-fat” it becomes tasteless, so manufacturers load them up with sugar, sodium and massive amounts of chemicals to get a better taste.
Real Food SubstitutionsStart easy with learning the healthy alternatives for the (excuse my language) crap in your kitchen.
She is kind of a “grey area” real foodie and believes (as do I) that stressing about bad foods and real food “rules” is much worse than occasionally breaking some.Her guide is all about how to start real food without going completely crazy.

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