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Tell me if this sounds familiar: you invite company over only to find that your house is a little messy, so you go on a frantic cleaning binge to try and pretty it up for them. I want to help him clean his house, but on my last visit, I quickly realized I am in way over my head.
Lifehacker has a plethora of cleaning tips, but I need to cut through 10 years of grime, seriously sterilize his bathroom and kitchen, and I'm not sure where to start. Step 1: Make a Video of Yourself While You Clean Your Room.Not Very Fun When You're Cleaning, but Extremely Fun to Watch in Fast Speed Afterwards! Step 2: Some Good Music to Play While You Are Cleaning!I Prefer Listening to Happy Songs, Like Happy - Pharrell Williams and Don't Worry, Be Happy - Bob Marley Please enable JavaScript to watch this video. Step 3: Pretend You Are Mary Poppins!Pretand everything you do is magical like Mary Poppins, when she cleans the kids room!

My house is quite open so there's no way to just shut the door to the living room or kitchen or dining room. Then make the fiber go all in the same direction after you are done scrubbing, use your hand to do this or the brush. Cleaning up a really messy room requires determination and a methodical approach to picking up all the pieces. The bottom side of the blinds don't attract as much dust and grime, so when you turn them up, the bottom sides show rather than the nasty top part. Once the people leave, it's always fun because my house returns to a mess in like 10 minutes lol. Crafty stuff includes paper, stationery (pens, pencils, scissors, rulers), and things you'd use for creative hobbies.

Take your dirty clothing off the floor and put them in a container, or, if you have one, a laundry basket.
Also, don't just leave your dirty clothes in the hamper, make sure they actually get washed!

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