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1) Borders – I used to think Borders charges a premium on the books for the range and free browsing in the store. 2) Berkshire Business Books – This is an online bookstore that I discovered a few years back. After getting a little fed up on not getting certain books that I want, I am exploring a new source – Amazon. I usually make my book purchases at the MPH clearance sales at Singapore Expo.Believe they are held half-yearly.
But of course, if you are looking for specialised books, Borders, Kino and PageOne are the places to go. I was walking through changi village flea market (yes it is getting very popular) and chance upon 2 stalls selling discounted new books. I suspect that they got their books from the same source and just doing this as a part time basis. I have ordered many children books from Amazon cos I could not find them in Kino, MPH and Borders. If I am not wrong, Harris has an annually 25% storewide discount, which is a good time to snap up books in bulk.

To my surprise, the books are cheap and comparable in price even when the shipping charges are added. It is also useful to note that I have yet to add the S$5 delivery charge from Berkshire which will show Amazon is cheaper in this example.
For you delivery services in this aberdeen white paper stickers singapore supplies and free ebooks sent to my paper writing. I have ordered a book from The Book Depository on 27 Apr 2011, and till now I have not received the book.
Delivery charges can be more manageable if more books are bought at one go – I tested with 4 books and Amazon came out S$20 cheaper. Another way is to buy books that are more expensive from Amazon to get more savingsdue to greater price disparity between Amazon and local suppliers. Many times, I dread ordering books online as I have to pay for delivery if I just want to buy one or two books. A good range of investment books (especially at Raffles City) and discount should be around 20-25%. I believe if you have the patience to look for the books that you like and compare the prices, you may find good deals from Amazon.

For example, Berkshire Business Books charges S$5 for delivery if you spend less than S$75. I have yet to buy anything from Amazon, but it seems I am inclined to getting something soon. Amazon offers the greatest variety and at the cheapest price, but because of the delivery charges, it ended up more expensive than The Book Depository. There are only a handful of locations for you to pick up the books, and if you do not happen to stay near any of the location, you may have to make a trip specially for the books. Be double a small country, paper therefore explores the most basic paper writing services in singapore published by dennis kappei last modified oct.
It seems like the replenishment is rather slow and it can be annoying sometimes – have discount but no books to buy.

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