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Modern family values and a question to ask15 CommentsLately, my daughter has been asking me one question over and over in the middle of those frustrating parenting moments when you need your child to do one thing that leads to another.
Her question is about priorities, particularly how they relate to our family goals and modern family values. Well, good question, I tell her and then we discuss why both are important and, why, at that moment eating a good breakfast is more important (she wasn’t going to be late anyway). Shawn, I’m pretty sure I need these questions nicely printed on little papers all around my house!

Prabhupada always did the needful – whatever was best for spreading Krishna consciousness. Such an awesome post- great questions, this will really impact my decision process after reading that list. Her question always stops me in my tracks to remember about this goal of being an intentional mother.
These questions might help you get closer to your own modern family values and understanding the choices you make each day, which is just one step closer to being an Abundant Mama.

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