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Learn the Secrets to Achievement and Hope, understanding what you want out of life, building on your strengths and becoming more hopeful.
Get rid of negative thoughts in your head - Improve your self esteem – Learn what controls you - Stop feeling stuck - Choose the life you deserve - Overcome your fears. So I realized I should have asked for the original balances to do this but I'm bored so I'll do it with your current balances and just pretend those are the originals.
I say almost cause I dont know the original loan balances that the payments are based off of, which is what really matters (also just realized you said it had to be for student loans so thats not what you'll do, but the concept is the same). I do recall how disappointed my ninth grade Art teacher in high school was when she found out I had decided not to continue taking Art after that year. Have a clear idea of what you want to get out of social networking, and be realistic in your goals.
You want want to miss this I’M BORED promotional video music and lyrics by Debbie Redpath Ohi and Errol Elumir. Branding statements tell potential employers who you are, what you stand for, how you can contribute and why they need you. They may not know what they want because they’ve overlooked the critical first step in finding a new job: knowing who they are! When you understand how to connect and relate with people, you will create more positive experiences and open the doors to better relationship opportunities.
A lot of young adults are lost and don’t even know what it is to feel powerful or in control, or even close to knowing what they want—and that can be overwhelming leaving them with tons of stress.
Learn and understand the major barriers to Communication, improve your listening skills, and learn how to be understood and understand what communication really is. Many of us fail when it comes to financial literacy, we do not know nearly enough about managing, investing, or saving our money, nor are we very good at budgeting. Pink line is what you get if you stick to the payment schedules as is for 10 more years, blue line is if you roll your savings into each subsequent account. Kids will certainly recognize themselves in these humorous pages –  both their capacity for boredom and for infinitely creative play.

I also noted on downloading the cover for this review that unusually the cover does not include author and illustrator names, also cleverly accentuating the title, I’M BORED. I had just met my compatriot, the amazing Hazel Mitchell, who had promptly sat me down with a beer and some like-minded peeps, when Debbie Ohi arrived. I always feel vaguely guilty when someone compliments my social networking skills because it’s not something I set out to do on purpose.
The beauty of the Branding process is that once you are clear about YOU and what YOU really want, then you will innately know the jobs and companies where you’d be an excellent match and which will allow you to take your strengths, talents, and experience into a short snappy statement of no more than 10 or 25 words that describes who you are and what you stand for -- that’s a lot to ask of a few dozen or so words, but it can be done.
Many are too nervous, have a limited self-awareness and honestly don’t know what to say about themselves to the employer. When you learn to connect and relate with people and create a positive experience you open the doors to better opportunities and make your journey here on this planet much more enjoyable. And then we want to run, retaliate, reach for something to fill the emptiness, have an affair, bail out, and do whatever it takes to have that feeling of fullness, aliveness and comfort again. While written and illustrated for certain laughs, readers are also left with a great underlying question about what makes us bored or indeed boring! My art was very inconsistent and unpolished, but I found that what my readers liked and reacted to was the story and characters. And figure out how to use acrylics to achieve similar affects to what I can do in Photoshop. What most job seekers do not know is that employers are always looking for qualified people. They will learn how to subdue and control the negative thoughts in their head, overcome their fears, and learn how to get what they want which will increase their self-esteem, confidence and sense of inner freedom. After reading this book, you will be able to get unstuck from the inside out and get clear on what drives you: Your Passions, Your Personal Mission, and Your Higher Purpose!
My parents only spoke English to us when we were kids because they wanted to make sure we fit in with other kids at school. What I realized much later: that it was the creative aspect of programming that appealed to me.

I find it so funny that I’M BORED will be your first publication as your life is anything but boring.
Consider this: If you don’t read the directions manual when you start a game, you won’t know how to proceed. Therefore, the first step in making a career or life decision is to ask yourself what kind of person you are and what you want.
This book has myriad examples of solid career advice based on my experience as to what works and doesn’t work in the ‘real’ work world. Learn to understand what keeps you from having the life you want and deserve, how to empower yourself with new choices, and possibilities. Now consider this: your life is the way it is, not because of what comes your way, but because of how you respond to your world. The only time I heard them speak in Japanese was when they were discussing something they didn’t want us to overhear.
I am so happy to interview Debbie during this special launch week and even happier to tell you that this interview includes a giveaway of a copy of I’M BORED, published yesterday by Simon and Schuster.
Readers will learn that they can hold in their hands the Healing Power of Mind Shifting to recognize one of life’s essential truths--separating fact from fiction and learning to Navigate their Mindset to Stop, Look, and Listen and then choose to get what they really want and have what really matters and is important. Well, except to the girl pretending to be a dragon or unicorn, when it replies,  “Snoring” (which, I think, will send kids into fits of giggles as it did me). If you apply what you learn in this Guidebook, you will understand how to find the 6-easy-to-use-steps to help you find your way back home.

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