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I’m not sure if the industry will ever agree on this debated subject, but if thought precedes motion, one would have to agree that it’s imperative that we control our thoughts and not let them control us. These messages are electrical and chemical which explain why we can quickly alter our thoughts and why the game of golf can be so emotional. Bio-mechanically you are able to do some remarkable things with your body to get the club into certain positions and to transfer energy to the golf club and therefore the ball.
Some of these processes are your conscious mind at work and some are trained in your subconscious.As golf instructors we understand the importance of the mental game. Debbie Crews (Research and Development THINQ Team Member) breaks down the mental game to 5 Key Areas to improve performance.

Consider these key areas when helping your students develop their mental game. Awareness – Awareness is the first key to improving performance. Once we become aware we can go through a process that will put us in control and provide the opportunity to create whatever it is we choose. Many golfers remain in the same old pattern (hardwired) and are poor observers when it comes to awareness.
As human beings we are different than any other species because we can think about what we think about (Meta-Cognition). This is a state in which your brain is balanced from left to right, front to back, and that the subconscious and conscious mind are balanced.

A simple rule of intention is asking for and defining exactly what you want by self-talk, visualization, and defining the shot in your mind.

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