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Above is my illustration of an oak tree on the cover of the best selling book by Rick Warren, The Purpose Driven Life. This illustration project for the book, The Purpose Driven Life began with a phone call from Jim Dobbs, Creative Director at the Saddleback Church in California. Purchase and Download "My Purpose in Life" below for your church group or ministry to print and distribute. If you were given an invention that you had never seen before and didn’t know what it was, asking the inventor would be the easiest way to find out that information. So you would be working with people like me to figure out what their purpose is, 'Lara! I believe that his word speaks to us so just settling down with the Word helps as a lamp – showing me what to do.
Living 'on purpose' puts you squarely into that state of ease known as flow, freeing up your life's energy to allow for greater prosperity, success and fulfillment. The chapters of The Purpose Driven Life are quite short, which makes it tempting to keep reading but I will be disciplined and read just one chapter each day for the next 40ish days (fingers crossed that I don’t miss a day!) and reflect on each chapter as suggested in the book. Not handing over control of ones life is a symptom of wrong facts which have turned belief. In fact, an entire segment of her web series with Eckhart Tolle focused exclusively on living on purpose.
Above is the original comp for the book cover of The Purpose Driven Life showing my illustration in place. I believe my life purpose is to help people develop their God given potential…which is why I am currently in the HR field but sometimes I feel I am not yet where I am supposed to be.
One way to look at it is see what our earthly fathers did just to give us a great education and point us on the right path.

I hope this doesn't sound like preaching but its what I have mulled over in my head asking these same questions as yours. The book came out in 2002, spent 238 weeks on USA TODAY's list of best-selling books and is now touted as the best selling nonfiction hardback in history.
Jim explained that he and his creative team had found my web site when doing an Internet search for an illustration to use on the cover of a new book by Rick Warren. They found one of my illustrations of an oak tree that was exactly what they had in mind for the part of the tree above ground, but it needed to have roots. When Josiah was told what the Lord had said to Huldah, he immediately called together all the elders of Judah and Jerusalem; and he summoned all the people from the least to the greatest to come to the Temple of the Lord.
I feel some people are lucky in that they find their purpose really early on without any of this soul searching business while some of us will have to work harder to figure it out.
I am on a discovery journey myself, it's like I keep going back to God to ask questions…Who, what, when,how, where, why all sorts! They live according to a purpose outside themselves that drives them to offer the best of their talents and passion in order to serve. The only way I can get rid of the blockage I feel in my life is to figure out what on earth I’m here for! The more intimately connected you are to your purpose, to doing exactly what it is that your passions and talents have suited you to in the service of others, the better off the world will be. Hence, when you commit to finding and living your purpose, you're committing to a worthy, lifelong process filled with growth and joy. The use of existing art presents several advantages for the client: he or she can see before hand exactly what the illustration looks like, it usually costs less, and the art is ready for immediate use. There are some people who can live their life's purpose without actively seeking it, but they are few and far between.

I used to believe like a lot of people that telling God to take over my life would be tantamount to getting ready to head for a remote part of the world to preach or do something really hard that I would not like to do. And the world changes, because any person with a fully realized purpose cannot help but become a change-agent.
I have control issues: God does a better job of guiding my life but I keep forgetting that!
In addition, I retained the right to make new derivatives from those two illustrations as long as the new derivative is not exactly like the one used by The Purpose Driven Life. The purpose of this time limit is to ensure that registration is available to as many people as possible.
Oprah herself started as a daytime talk show host in the typical mold and evolved over the years as her purpose became clearer. Just imagine: An 'on purpose' world where people are too occupied living according to their true purpose to bother waging wars, stealing from one another, or committing countless other abuses. It is my firm and passionate belief that if people become serious about seeking and living their life's purpose, it will produce a ripple effect on this planet, the likes of which we have never seen.
By affirming that you're ready to find and live your true life's purpose, you send a signal to the universe of your willingness to take your success, happiness and prosperity forward.

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