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Mindfulness meditation has been shown even before to be good for the body and mind in many ways. And we’re starting to get a better understanding of why it seems to be beneficial for so many aspects of life, from disease and pain management, to sleep, to control of emotions.
Brain scans showed that mindfulness meditation and placebo work in different ways on brain activity to reduce pain.Mindfulness meditation reduces pain by activating the part of the brain associated with the self-control of pain while the placebo cream lowers pain by reducing brain activity in pain-processing areas.

The participants' brains were scanned before and after their respective four-day group interventions.The mindfulness meditation group reported that pain intensity was reduced by 27% and by 44% for the emotional aspect of pain. In contrast, the placebo cream reduced the sensation of pain by 11% and emotional aspect of pain by 13%.The placebo meditation group reported relatively small decreases in pain intensity (9%) and pain unpleasantness (24%). The pain reduction here could be from a relaxation effect associated with slower breathing."This study is the first to show that mindfulness meditation is mechanistically distinct and produces pain relief above and beyond the analgesic effects seen with either placebo cream or sham meditation," Zeidan said.

The research is published in the 11 November issue of the Journal of Neuroscience.Mindfulness meditation is about practising a moment-by-moment awareness of thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment.

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