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Happiness is HAPPEN-NESS, playfulness is in the moment, love is who you are under the mind-chatter. The bad dream is the dream of ego — a false sense of self, caused by rapidly firing thought-habits you identify with.
You can just do it right here and now and there’s nothing difficult to understand about a still mind, you can do it.
Habitual mind-chatter is a bit like being dragged along and pulled under by a fast-moving current.
Get the best bits of gladness, exclusive content and inspiration to your mailbox each week. CE inspires us to begin expanding our way of thinking so we can take steps towards raising consciousness and creating BIG change on the planet. A group of Harvard neuroscientists came together to study the benefits of meditation on the brain and how it affects mindfulness. The subjects were given a 45 minute guided mindfulness exercise to be used daily and they were encouraged to do various daily activities with as much mindfulness as possible. One of the biggest things that happens to our brains when we meditate is that it stops processing so much information.
Taking things a little deeper, the following areas of the brain were affected by meditation in different ways. This is the most highly evolved part of the brain, responsible for reasoning, planning, emotions and self-conscious awareness.
This part of the brain processes sensory information about the surrounding world, orienting you in time and space. The gatekeeper for the senses, this organ focuses your attention by funneling some sensory data deeper into the brain and stopping other signals in their tracks. As the brain’s sentry, this structure receives incoming stimuli and puts the brain on alert, ready to respond.
The video below is a presentation from neuroscientist Sara Lazar about how meditation affects your brain.
When we begin to consider the benefits of meditation we can start to imagine how different our world might look if everyone, or even the majority of people began practicing meditation more regularly.

Certainly some interesting things to ponder when you realize that many of the issues we see today in our world on a daily basis stem from a lack of mindfulness and a take over of egoic individuality where we lose sight of how our actions might affect others or how we can get caught up in taking things personally. I feel that many of our worlds problems are not necessarily due to the structures around us presenting limitations but because the consciousness or mindset that acts as the foundation for our world is creating this experience. It's made from all natural, organic and clean ingredients that are the best for removing parasites. It's made from all natural, organic and clean ingredients that are the best for removing parasites! Collective Evolution welcomes differing viewpoints and thought-provoking opinions that add value to the discussion, but comments may be moderated to remove profanity or remarks that detract from a healthy conversation.
Focus: The experts discovered that letting your mind wander is more effective than concentrating on emptying your head of thoughts when meditating. There are countless techniques such as Zen, Buddhist and transcendental meditation and these can be divided into two main groups known as ‘concentrative’ meditation where the person focuses on breathing and specific thoughts and ‘nondirective’ which allows the mind to wander as it pleases.All the participants in the study had experience with a nondirective form of meditation practiced in Norway called Acem.
Relax: Experts from St Olavs Hospital in Trondheim, Norway, used MRI scanners to look at brain activity during meditations.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. I know you can do it right here and now, because I once tried out the Happy Guide method for stilling the mind (listening for the next thought to pop) on someone in a highly agitated anxious state, and it worked right away.
Other methods can be problematic in that their effect is temporary (you end up relying on the method) or they’re not easily dropped (they become habits themselves). And when you apply the listening method for a few seconds, you’re able to bob your head up out of the water before being swept under again.
It’s not easy to calm your mind, stop the thoughts and get into a space that is quiet.
Sara Lazar enrolled her team of 16 subjects  in a 8 week mindfulness program to see if meditation, over a short period of time, could begin to create changes in lifestyle and the brain. For example, studies have shown that meditation makes people connect better with others and feel more compassionate towards them. To change our world from the source, a change in mindset (consciousness or world view) would trigger a different understanding of how we could live and create our world.

We suffer just as many parasite infections as less developed countries, we just are simply unaware and don’t connect the dots of our symptoms. Others have seen increased activity in the frontal lobes during deep meditation and that’s a good thing.
For the best interest of the community, please refrain from posting vulgar comments, profanity, or personal attacks. We aim to challenge the current status quo by shaking up how we currently think about the world.
Yet, the only other thing you need is a persistence to keep applying the very simple method, and trust that the benefits I said can be yours will be yours. It’s hard to maintain awareness for more than a few seconds because of momentum of the mind. Meditation has shown to decrease stress, increase happiness,quality of life, increase gray matter in the brain, making people more compassionate, lowering blood pressure, increasing memory and more. Since many of us, especially in western culture, are never taught to explore this practice at a young age it can be even harder to get  into a quiet meditative space realizing that we are not our thoughts or mind. Empathy, for one thing, seems to come from the frontal lobes, as does the ability to monitor and control thoughts and emotions. Sure, your mind becomes distracted from your breath (if that’s the type of meditation you practice), but if you simply resume watching your breath, the benefits will come. Comments submitted may automatically be flagged for review by our moderation team before appearing on the website. We encourage and inspire each other to take action with the goal of bringing to life a bright future for us all.
Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging, (MRI) we can see how and where beta waves are decreasing the most. As opposed to many of the practices we do in our society today, drinking, smoking, drug use, pharmaceuticals for EVERYTHING, television, which are all seen as generally acceptable, imagine if a portion of the time spent doing things destructive to our body and mind was replaced with meditation instead.

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