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Similar language was heard back in 2010, when Sweden's Finance Minister, Anders Borg, said: "Obviously, Swedes and other taxpayers should not have to pay for Greeks who choose to retire in their 40s. And Michael Fuchs, vice-chairman of Chancellor Merkel's CDU parliamentary party, told the BBC last month that Greece's lack of a proper land registry enabled corruption and threatened to prevent the country raising funds from privatisation.Sandro Scocco, chief economist at the Stockholm-based think tank Arena Ide, says he expects Syriza to continue to pursue the political values that helped it win the general election in January - such as rolling back on austerity measures - despite the pressure.

And figures from the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) would appear to give a picture of Greek workers that is far from lazy - they say Greeks work the longest hours in Europe.

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