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Any hormonal issues can create cravings since hormones are an integral part of the processing of energy in the body. If your cravings are more psychological than physical (which admittedly can be difficult to figure out), try reducing the size of this snack each night over the course of a week or two, until you no longer need it. A recent study published by the journal Obesity found that late night snack cravings are the work of the body’s circadian system, which acts as an internal clock to control when the body performs certain habitual tasks. Every time you crave or eat a sweet, write down what you are feeling at that time in a journal. For women, sweet cravings can be triggered by premenstrual syndrome, due to a decrease in endorphin production.
Fiber helps you to maintain healthy sugar levels in the body, which will reduce the sugar drop that leads to your cravings.
When sweet cravings are triggered with lower energy through-out the day, another strategy is to spread out meals throughout the day. One of the easiest ways to cut sweets out and decrease your cravings is to drink more water. It has no calories and is naturally derived, which means it comes from the stevia plant instead of from chemicals like artificial sweeteners . However, more typically, night cravings are because a person is in a state of mind that is negative.
It is possible to get night cravings purely from physical reasons, and that needs to be addressed. While working out is a good idea, if you are doing so close to bedtime and on an empty stomach, this can contribute to cravings. Cravings tend to happen when one is at a low energy point in the day, and often when you are not active.

If your food craving is caused by legitimate hunger, keep a small plate in your bedroom with a healthy option.
When you're kept up by a late night craving, get out of bed and brush your teeth with a strongly flavored toothpaste, or rinse with mouthwash. If the craving continues for more than 10 minutes and shows no sign of stopping, distract yourself. It’s the circadian system that increases cravings for sweet, starchy, or salty foods in the evenings. Snacking at night is counterproductive for the body, because sleeping doesn’t expend the same energy—and calories— as one’s daily activities do. Eating a real, healthy meal can decrease a sweet craving triggered by low energy.[9] When choosing food for your meal. It might be best to choose a simple sweet that isn't full of processed, unnatural ingredients.
There is also mixed research around the impact of artificial sweeteners and the increased risk of cancer.
In these cases, focus on helping yourself sleep, distracting yourself, or training yourself to resist triggers that cause this desire. While not all cravings are caused directly by hunger, a full belly can make them easier to resist. This crash can leave you feeling tired and hungry, causing food cravings or making them more difficult to resist.
Your food cravings may not be as severe as an addiction to cigarettes, but some of the same tactics many people find useful in conquering addictions can be helpful in breaking this pattern.
But cravings are often surprisingly easy to avoid if you re-focus on something more positive.

If you're not sure what caused the craving, write down whether you smelled or saw a particular food, what your mood is, and whether you feel stressed or tired. Repeat to yourself what you'll do to avoid giving in, and picture yourself walking past the food without eating it, or going to bed without stopping by the kitchen. Drink a large glass of water, caffeine-free tea, or low-fat milk or milk substitute when you have a craving, instead of eating a snack. A tablespoon in your tea (15 calories) is one thing, but an American Southern-style sweet tea is far too sugar-filled to be considered a real alternative to a sugary snack. The taste may help you deal with the craving, and the "clean teeth" feeling may make you less willing to eat directly afterward. This urge is a remnant of a now-defunct survival mechanism in which eating large meals at night would help our ancestors store energy in times of famine. This pattern of food intake across the day is exactly what Sumo wrestlers do to gain weight … So, it seems likely that the internal circadian system helps with efficient food storage.
Eating simple sweets also means avoiding processed foods which are often higher in sugar.[17] Try other options such as fruits and dark chocolate.
When you find a craving creeping up, if at all possible stop what you are doing and re-direct yourself to something else. Triggers for sweet craving vary by individual but are often linked to the mood and energy boost associated eating sweets.[1][2] However, there are some ways to help combat these cravings.

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