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First of all, besides considering your comfort, there are a few gray areas when it comes to appropriate wedding guest attire. Common tradition says “Don’t wear white to someone else’s wedding because it competes with the bride”.
Ask her permission if you have a close relationship with the bride, or get a glimpse of the bride’s dress before the big day, and make sure your white outfit is dramatically different. You may also wear white if your dress is only partially white – for example a white bodice with a colored skirt, or if your dress has a white background with an all-over print of a different color.
Use prints and other colors on your white dress so that your outfit doesn’t look too bridal-y. While knee-length dresses are great for a day-time wedding party, gowns or long dresses are perfect for a more elegant, night venue. On the other hand, although rules can be broken, not wearing white to a wedding is actually a matter of showing good etiquette to not compete the bride on her special day. Just like wearing white dress that shows no respectful to the bride, wearing black is also traditionally a no-go color at weddings — especially for women – since black dress connote mourning, funeral, and death for many people. Dress your black outfit in fun, cheerful, and light way, or wear something sparkly – such as sequins or jewelries – to add the glamour and shine into the look. One rule when attending someone else’s wedding is to show respect, compliment, and joy to the couple. Furthermore, unless it’s mentioned on the dress code, or the occasion is a very casual wedding, normally jeans or denims – in any styles, designs, and looks – are not an option to choose.
However, depending on the formalities and themes of the venue – a casual wedding on a ranch, for example – dressing in jeans would be your way of complying with the occasion and honoring the couple.
Continue the article to Wedding Guest Attire: What to Wear to a Wedding (Part 2) and follow some style ideas of wedding guest dresses depending on each occasions. After planning ahead and decoding the formality or probably the theme of the event, putting together the perfect wedding guest outfit also requires smart decision to make sure you’re dressed appropriate for the wedding’s look and feel while still looking classy and weather or season appropriate. All weddings can be very beautiful whether they are held in spring, summer, fall, or winter, or even under sun exposure or during windy days, inside or outdoors.
Following the last article Wedding Guest Attire: What to Wear to a Wedding (Part 2) and (Part 1).
For an outdoor location – whether it’s a beach or garden party – avoid high heeled shoes that will sink in the sand or in the grass.
Adding a wide brim hat to your outfit will not only shield your face, but it will enhance some European classy punch to your ensemble.
Just like many other seasonal fashion trends, finding the perfect wedding guest outfits also follows the same rule regarding to each season, for example, colorful and bright outfits for spring and summer, or warm and cozy ones for fall and winter. Whether in solid tone or with prints, whether it’s mini, midi, or maxi (long) dress, these cheerful ideas of Wedding Guest Dresses are suitable style for spring and summer.
For the autumn season, if you’re headed to a black tie fall wedding, obviously you should pick formal gowns, preferably in earthy or stones colors. Variety of chic shift and sheath dresses with simple, yet stylish cuts are best options for those who attend some informal weddings.

Depending on the formality and the dress code of the wedding, you can as well opt for dresses with dark and vibrant prints. Shines and shimmers of sequined or satin dresses are also the best bet for a formal wedding reception. Different styles of cocktail dress will surely provide us plenty different looks to a wedding.
While wearing a fascinator or hat to a wedding is fun and festive, keep your fascinator low key, tasteful and slightly conservative in order to not distract from the bride and groom. Floral and lace are without a doubt the most forgiving elements of a wedding guest outfit to enhance that romantic, feminine look to your attire. Yes, it’s never a good idea to dress anything that could conceivably be mistaken for a wedding dress. Choose wedding guest dress in different type of white, such as very light pastel, off-white, or baby gray, so that you won’t look exactly like the bride.
Meaning, if you are invited to a wedding in a traditional service, then honor the couple by attiring yourself appropriately.
For spring and summer weddings, nothing works better than pretty colorful floral prints for outdoorsy receptions and garden drinks. Feminine outfits with subtle hues and girly details are perfect for many occasions during this season. There are plenty options out there, or just take a look at the gallery of these “Wedding Guest Attire” articles for various dresses dedicated for summer weddings from morning till evening. While if you are invited to a more casual party, try a dressy cocktail dress in autumnal shades and prints.
Whether it’s in hot velvety scarlet tone, tribal exotic prints, or very busy patterns, just make your own judgment of the ideal outfit for a daytime or evening reception.
The right winter wedding outfit not only keeps you warm through the ceremony, but also strikes the perfect balance between style and appropriateness to looking and feeling fabulous on the day. You can as well wear chic dresses in bright hues like pink, but make sure the brightness of your look is shown accordingly to the theme and the nuance of the wedding. Nothing more elegant and sophisticated than donning an outfit with well-coordinated accessories like jewelries, clutches, heels, and other accessories like wrap and tights.
Long dresses or gowns suggest elegant and glamour look for formal Black Tie, while short ones give a simpler and easier style perfect for a cocktail party. Whether you’re going to opt for a blooming bouquet-inspired dress, or thinking of a chic jumpsuit outfit, or even a pretty pre-honeymoon pastels that can be worn many different ways, wedding guest outfits have always been considered to be one of the most stylish ensembles that need more and more inspirational ideas. Just wear wedges if it’s an outdoor wedding, and bring nice, pretty clutch that looks elegant but make sure you get one with a chain handle too.
Are you going to don a classic sheath dress, or chic A-line dress, flowy pleated maxi dress, or even a trapeze dress, weddings are definitely a chance for you to dress up. Winter weddings or outdoor wedding with sun, wind and heat usually call for warmer clothing or coverage such as blazer or cardigan – or tights if it’s winter.
Although some says it’s not common to wear fascinator these days, actually this fashion curiosity has made increasingly frequent appearances – at weddings, christenings and race meetings – thanks, in part, to the Duchess of Cambridge.

You can’t go wrong with floral prints and lace when attending to a wedding.  For a modern look, don’t go too matchy-matchy. Just follow this list of things you should never wear to a wedding, and you’ll keep receiving those invitations. So notice that there’s a difference between showing up your best friend’s nuptials in funeral garb and wearing a sleek, little black number to an evening wedding.
For that reason, you will need to see the venue for the wedding, as some weddings are very casual and jeans might be appropriate. Moreover, if you’re traveling to another city, make sure you pack a cardigan or jacket that coordinates with the outfit you plan to wear to the wedding. Drape an outerwear over your shoulders for a polished look, and complete the outfit with antique-inspired jewels. But also consider where the wedding is set for you to wear the pairing accessories accordingly. People says black dress is a big no no for a wedding, but you can obviously toss it away as long as the host is fine with it, and the dress feels festive. Take a look at number of styles featuring wedding guest attire ideas to look chic at any wedding event.
Actually, they say, wedding pants are very on-trend this season, which has something to do with stylish, tailored trousers like culottes and wide-legged pants. Just bear in mind your outfit should be comfortable that you have to be able to sit – and dance – in the dress. Opt for a tailored blazer if the wedding calls for semi-formal or formal occasion in the afternoon, while cardigan can be worn for more casual, afternoon wedding.
For example, no jeans, anything too sexy or revealing – especially if you opt for mini outfit make sure the wedding is not very conservative –, anything torn, with holes, stained, too big or too small for you, and anything strapless to a religious wedding. For fall and winter weddings, not only you have to look stylish and elegant, but you also need to stay warm.
And if you go for shopping, there are tons of wedding guest dresses around right now that scream this refreshing season. Or just go with your favorite A-line full skirt to embrace that lady-like statement, even elegant outfit with jumpsuit can’t go wrong for a wedding.
All of these dresses can be easily paired with metallic sexy heel, sparkling jewelries, or statement accessories depending on the wedding dress code. And if it’s indoors at the country club or fancy restaurant, make your outfit slightly more tailored and dressy. Depending on the formality of the wedding, sometimes you are allowed to wear a nice shirt paired with your full or tutu skirt. One most important thing is you’ve got to really understand the type of the wedding you are going to attend.

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