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The aim of this guide is to provide you with the basic tools, techniques and understanding of how to make a difference in your organization. The Workplace Improvement Collection is a series of guides for you to make improvements in your workplace.
Available either individually, or all together at a discount, each of the guides will help you bring about performance improvements, when measured against current performance levels.
An understanding of productivity and the search for improvement is a must in developing a dynamic approach to work. The aim of this guide is to provide a basic understanding of how to improve productivity in any business organization.

Whether you work in an office or on the shopfloor, in a for profit or not for profit organization the bottom line is productivity. Pick any performance problem in your area concerning substandard performance, either with an individual employee or group of employees, apply this approach and improve it!
Part of any improvement process begins in developing a sound conceptual model of what it is you're trying to improve. This guide will give you all you need to know to make improvements plus develop the correct mindset.
Armed with this guide you'll find plenty of opportunities to make improvements, then go about getting the improvements embedded as standard.

The Workplace Improvement Collection will develop in you the edge needed to make the difference in your organization, your department, to the working lives of those you are charged with and of course your own career prospects. You don’t need to search for opportunities for productivity improvement—they exist in every workplace situation all of the time. Developing an accurate conceptual model of the organization, the department and the resources allocated leads to improved decision making, planning, control and coordination capabilities.

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