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Romantic gestures range from subtle flirting to outright seduction and even vulnerable declarations of love. Continue reading to find out some of the best ways to ensure that your wife knows that you are thinking about her. Be a romantic husband and write a sweet handwritten note or a quote on a greeting card to say Thank You to your wife for being the amazing woman that she is.
Let the essence of your cute rhyme revolve around complimenting how she manages work, the kids, household chores and the daily routine of your lives. After all, the quickest way to a better relationship is through creating the right romantic setting. In fact, you’re one of the smart men who know that every romantic gesture, brings you closer and closer to her.

Surprise!: Gift your girl a day away at a spa or book, or even a weekend break for the both of you. Your wife will still appreciate romantic gestures letting her know you love her and appreciate her. Bear in mind that this is due to physical changes she is experiencing, but by making small romantic gestures is likely to let your wife know that she is in your thoughts throughout the day.
Instead of focusing your mind on your physical relationship with your wife, concentrate on nurturing your marriage in general. You may think you are, but be assured that it is not enough for your wife with her wavering levels of self-esteem.
Cook your wife's favorite meal, light a candle, buy a bottle of wine, and enjoy a date with your wife in the comfort of your own home.

Buying your wife flowers can brighten up both the house and your wife's day, letting her know you are thinking about her. Do not get disheartened that your wife is less keen for an intimate connection than usual. Instead be understanding and romantic, treating your wife like the individual, equal partner in your marriage that she is. Just check with your health care provider about safe sex positions during pregnancy and if there are any other restrictions.Make the most of your time as a couple during the pregnancy.

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