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There can be many ways which causes stress in the pregnancy like negative events in the life that can be separation or divorce, death of loved one, financial problems, and racism etc. The adequate amount of stress is normal and healthy because it makes the person to do their tasks on time. There are some useful tips that can help an expectant mother reduce stress during pregnancy.
Exercises are ways of relaxing our muscles and it is a healthy instrument of reducing stress.

All these ways will help her to cope with stress but still if she feels stress she should inform her doctor or may take counseling sessions. Stress can also increase the chances of premature birth of the baby or low-birth weight baby. Children are almost the same in behavior especially at the early stage so when you play and interact with these kids, you learn much about them and stress of what to do after pregnancy also reduces. However, be very sensitive to your body; if you feel stressed or weak, get some sleep as this helps the nerves to relax too.

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