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While New York has no scarcity of excellent vegetarian food, actual vegetarian restaurants are in shorter supply, and categorically superb vegetarian restaurants are an even rarer breed.
Our weekly guide to New York dining includes food news and reviews, as well as dining events and interviews with chefs and restaurant owners. Vegetarian diners in NYC don't have to subsist on salad alone: Some of the best New York restaurants offer intriguing and delicious meatless menus. Not too long ago, eating vegetarian in New York meant sticking to buttered noodles and steamed broccoli or slumming it at a high-on-principle, low-on-taste vegetarian-themed restaurant. In addition to new waves of vegetarian-friendly ethnic restaurants across the city, more and more chefs are focusing on making vegetables just as delicious as their meaty main course alternatives.
Ganesh Temple Canteen: The basement of a Hindu temple in Flushing might seem like a strange place to find a meal, but the Ganesh Temple Canteen makes the best dosa in New York.
Taim: With some of the very best falafel in town, it's easy to forget Taim is completely, almost incidentally vegetarian.
Mumbai Xpress: The chaat at Mumbai Xpress is worth the trip out to Glen Oaks, Queens—it's the best you'll find in the city, and some of the best Indian New York has to offer. Awash: Legume and vegetable stews are a focal point of Ethiopian restaurants, and Awash is one of New York's best.
Bunna Cafe: A purely vegan Ethiopian spot with fresher, brighter, and more interesting versions of classics. Cocoron: New York has no shortage of serious ramen restaurants, but soba doesn't get the same love. Otto: With over a dozen vegetable antipasti as well as vegetarian pizza and pasta options, Mario Batali's casual Otto is a perennial go-to for vegetable lovers. Paulie Gee's: Pretty much any pizzeria can handle vegetarians, but vegans are usually out of luck.
Zizi Limona: Zizi Limona's inventive Middle Eastern menu features versions of all the classic dishes you'd expect, vegetarian and not. Il Bambino: This beloved Astoria "paninoteca" offers a variety of veg-friendly sandwiches and small plates that locals swear by. Family Recipe: In America, Japanese food tends to mean sushi, but the truth is that Japan has a long tradition of vegetarian cooking.
Moti Mahal Delux: Indian restaurants are usually vegetarian-friendly, but few offer dishes as interesting as those at Moti Mahal Delux. La Vara: The fried chickpeas at this neighborhood restaurant are a standout, but the other small plates, as well as the mains, all make La Vara a Cobble Hill gem.

Dirt Candy: A far cry from the health-conscious, tempeh-crazed vegetarian restaurants that popped up when the health food craze hit, Dirt Candy is all about making delicious, inventive, indulgent food that just happens to be vegetarian (and vegan on request).
Sip Sak: The best Turkish restaurant in the city with a full range of veg-friendly mezze that are substantial enough to turn into a meal, especially with their fresh, poofy bread.
Martha: Martha's menu changes frequently, but you're always likely to find a good variety of sophisticated vegetarian small plates. Blossom: One of our favorite vegan restaurants in the city, Blossom puts out thoughtful, flavorful food. Hangawi: Hangawi's upscale vegan Korean fare makes it a destination for a special meal in Koreatown. Kajitsu Kajitsu offers two fixed menus at a time, each taking vegetarian cooking to a new level of artistry. Telepan: Telepan's vegetable options shine come spring, but throughout the year you're likely to find some creative vegetarian dishes on the menu. Dovetail: Mondays at Dovetail are perfect for mixed groups of vegetarians and omnivores—that's the night they serve an excellent vegetarian tasting menu.
One of my favorite things about visiting NYC is the food selection, the restaurants are incredible.
KatieJust returning from four years of living in South Africa, Katie loves exploring her new neighborhood in Boston.
This list reflects the best New York restaurants that take pride in their meat-free menus, from Indian buffets to high-concept cooking. We've rounded up some of our favorite vegetarian-friendly restaurants in the city, from casual sandwich spots to fine dining palaces. The wonderful Brussels sprout pizza also has pancetta, but the vegetarian Marinara and Margherita are great, too.
Cocoron seeks to change that, and their excellent buckwheat noodles can be ordered with deeply flavorful vegetarian broths. The light, flavorful vegetarian broth is just as nice a match for the excellent noodles as the pork broth. Paulie Gee's is a different story, featuring not just one vegan pie, but an entire menu of them, all SE-approved.
Family Recipe draws on this tradition to create Japanese-inflected dishes that carefully feature vegetables. Inventive dishes like Rotisserie-Crisped Beets and Carrots Welington make this a restaurant everyone should check out.

The New York outpost provides no shortage of amazing dishes featuring local meats and vegetables alike. As a vegetarian in Orlando I don’t have too many solely vegetarian or vegan options here but I sure do in NYC. None of us at Fork in the Road are great fans of ersatz meat, cloying mystery sauces, or under- or unseasoned vegetables, and while we enjoy tempeh on occasion, we have much greater appreciation for a restaurant whose cuisine reflects a love of vegetables rather than a desire to make them handmaidens to myriad soy mutations. True, there is a lot of fake meat on the menu, but vegan riffs on traditional Jamaican dishes like ackee -- here it's served with tofu -- as well as excellent baked goods and a terrific veggie burger set it apart from the rest of the seitan crowd. As a bonus, the sweets shop at the front of the restaurant sells excellent homemade mithai (Indian confections) like pedas and burfi.102 Lexington Avenue, 212-213-96154. Some are meat-heavy with a few great meatless options, while others are completely vegetarian but have good enough food to satisfy even the most ardent carnivore. On my last visit I headed to Blossom, a gourmet, organic, vegan restaurant in the Chelsea area. Four Course Vegan -- For the past seven years, Matteo Silverman has run this weekly dining club out of his Williamsburg loft, and while it's not a traditional restaurant, it certainly offers food more than worthy of one.
Taïm -- While it's more of a takeout counter than a restaurant, this tiny storefront boasts one of the best all-vegetarian menus in town, thanks to its excellent falafel and smoothies.
HanGawi -- While "Buddhist mountain cuisine" may imply deprivation dieting, there is absolutely nothing ascetic about this Korean restaurant, where both the food and setting are gorgeous and the staff is unfailingly kind.
Buddha Bodai -- There's no getting around the fact that this Chinese vegetarian palace is all about fake meat, whether it's masquerading as chicken, pork, or shark fin. That said, it's tasty, greasy fun, a perfect rejoinder to those who charge that vegetarian restaurants take themselves too seriously.
Angelica Kitchen -- An oldie but a goodie, beloved by generations of vegetarians for its blend of unapologetic hippie fare with inspired, contemporary interpretations of vegetarian staples like tempeh and tofu. Pure Food & Wine -- Though we're inherently wary of raw food and its elitist price points, we cannot deny the considerable charms of a restaurant that does raw food so well. A true testament to the versatility of vegetables, and to the good that comes from actually seasoning them.

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