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Here is what the link goes to - some imbeciles "proof" that eating meat and butter and desserts is better than an organic, plant based diet. That said, I had never heard of either of them, and my brief research into Gillian McKeith shows that she might very well be an unlikeable, silly person, vegetarian or not.
It turns out that going vegan was nowhere near as difficult as I thought and it completely changed everything for me, from my energy level to my body shape, to my confidence in my convictions.
When I was around 12 years old, I had a friend whose sister was vegetarian and who talked to us a little about not eating animals.
I also went vegan vs vegetarian for health reasons and have found that the vegetarian diet simply isn't as healthy as the vegan diet.All that milking of the dairy cows and overproducing of egg-laying hens leads to illness and veterinarians are expensive, so they simply can't be called in anytime a cow is sick. I read a ton of books on the vegan diet because that's what I needed to personally arm myself with information and make the decision on my own. Though some of the decisions gave me anxiety (the idea of no more cheese once made me so sad), I stopped eating dairy and eggs and went fully vegan.

One of my relatives said to me years ago, "I can understand being a vegetarian, but vegan just makes no sense.
At that age I did little research into vegetarianism (I hate to admit that was before the internet) and just went with it.So, for another 15 years or so, I was just a "vegetarian" who sometimes ate fish and always ate dairy products and eggs. Only once I was out of college did it start to bother me that I didn't have a great reason for being a vegetarian.
Once I decided to actually learn about the vegetarian lifestyle, I realized that for all the reasons I believed in not eating meat, I should also not anything that came from an animal.
That's when I actually started to read about it, and really, it quickly became clear that I felt strongly that I would have to go vegan. Those foods are simply not made for humans.So, vegan vs vegetarian is a personal decision, and one I would never force on anyone. But, if someone asks, I can immediately give them the big three ways in which vegan vs vegetarian is no contest in my mind.

These poor veal cows suffer endlessly from indigestion and diarrhea from the unnatural diet.The mother dairy cows suffer tremendously when their calves are taken from them, often crying out for days afterwards, and after their milk producing lives, they die long before their natural lifespans, at an average of less than three years old. Their bodies are too destroyed to sell for meat, so they're sold as meat by-products and are chopped up for dog food and sometimes as other farmed animal feed.There is rampant suffering in the dairy industry, and if you drink milk, you support it. When I first read about dairy cows, I knew the vegan vs vegetarian debate was closed for me, but I continued to learn more. Each person has to make the decision themselves, but for me, I associated any eating of an animal's natural resources with me believing I was better than them and that I deserved whatever I wanted.So that solved the vegan vs vegetarian aspect of loving animals for me.

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