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Use restaurant promotion on Valentines day to create new interesting offer and attract new guests. Valentine ‘s Day is the perfect opportunity to introduce your guests with your offer and to give them unforgettable experience and a romantic evening in your restaurant. Valentine ‘s Day is an event when your restaurant simply must be changed into love nest. It would not be nice and not fair to them to offer the same atmosphere that your restaurant provides every day.
If you start planning Valentine’s Day on time, then you can expected that traffic will increase and good results will not fail.
It would be the best to start restaurant promotion for Valentine Day at the end of January. Encourage your guests to make reservations, and offer discounts for first 30 booked reservations for Valentine’s Day. Visit the companies and stores in your neighborhood with a basket filled with small symbolic gifts and inform them about your restaurant offer. Set the ad about your offer for Valentine’s Day in front of the restaurant so that passers would be able to see it easily. For Valentine’s Day, when you expect a lot of guests, this option is a big relief to you either. Do not forget to advertise your special offer for Valentine’s Day via web, Social networks , Facebook, Google +, Twitter and specialized Internet portals like Urban spoon, TripAdvisor, Yelp, Groupon, etc.
Tip: Offer to your guests free glass of champagne during dinner, put candles and flowers on the table, play romantic music and dim the lights. However, guests do not want to listen something that will make them sleepy and badger, play easy, relaxing, romantic music like Sade or George Michael or whatever you think that would be appropriate choice.
Also you can provide Valentine’s Day celebrations for couples who must even this day spend with their children or do not have the option to leave their children somewhere for keeping. So this Valentine’s Day, do not just celebrate your love, give magic and romantic night to your guests.

Use POS Sector - Restaurant Management Software, 30 days FREE, and then decide is it real fit for you. A romantic evening in your favorite city, that holiday you’ll never forget, the day she said ‘I will,’ that morning you woke at dawn to watch the sunrise together, your sweetest ever kiss… Taking part in a photo contest is always a good reason for revisiting the snapshots that have marked our lives. Also, with Widget Media you can embed and present the contest’s photo gallery on any website, so that users can view the photos from your website, blog or online store.
Another way of celebrating Valentine’s Day is by sharing romantic prizes among all your fans. If you want to use your Valentine’s Day campaign to viralize your promotion, you can use two features especially designed to increase the number of fans of a Page: Friend Gate and recruiting contests.
Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to encourage fans to relive their most romantic experiences. Reward the most original love stories and enter those that obtain a minimum number of votes into a sweepstakes. We hope these ideas will be useful in helping you to surprise and delight your fans with your Valentine’s Day campaign. Judging panel: Mr Bentley, who is happily married, will be looking out for tales of woeAnd another added: 'I think that it's an excellent idea! Some of them will only buy some gift to their beloved, while others will bring their loved one to dinner in a romantic restaurant. Get dressed one of your employee into a big walking heart that will distribute leaflets about special offer for Valentine’s Day.
Although this is a day when many of us want to reward themselves and our loved ones with delightful dinner and do not thinking about prices this day too much, do not make it too expensive.
This kind of celebration of Valentine’s Day is one of the best celebrations for most of couples I know. This group is large so begin your promotion by launching a competition on Facebook for best breakup story awarding the winner with something special from your offer. Make the most of this very special day for sweethearts everywhere by interacting with your followers and increasing your fanbase.

Organize a photo contest on your Facebook Page and encourage your fans to share their most romantic pictures. Participants will be able to show their most creative and romantic side whenever and wherever they like. For example, you can share the small prizes during the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, while leaving the big prize for the day itself. Encourage your followers to share their most special moments and organize a contest on your Facebook Page to find the most romantic love story, the most original slogan, the funniest compliment, the sweetest declaration of love, the best advice for keeping love alive. Contact us and we’ll help you take advantage of the most romantic day of the year in your Facebook campaigns.
After they discover this disobedience Valentin has been imprisoned, and on 14th February executed. I will give you more then love cards in February, more then history, I will write about news of restaurant promotion on Valentine day.
I’ll write about ideas for restaurant promotion that are easily applicable to all restaurants with large and small capacity.
In this way you will ensure that every table in your restaurant would be booked in advance, which allows you better organization and good preparation for this special day.
As well as our current offer of promotions and contests we’ve decided to share some ideas that will help you dynamize your Facebook page on this, the most romantic day of the year. Soon, he has been declared as a saint and lovers around the globe still celebrate this day of love every February every year.

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