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Its a little known fact that shaving is actually great for the skin, it both cleans and exfoliates.
Shaving does not need to be a mundane daily ritual that has to be completed at the start of each day. Many of the pressurized shaving gels on the market today have possibly harmful chemicals added for various reasons. Many of the wet shave soaps and creams are the products of small businesses created out of a hobby or personal interest. It is a known fact that the best quality shave you can get will only come from a wet shave. While double edge and straight edge razors might cost more money upfront to purchase rather than buying the latest multiblade cartridge razor, you can almost guarantee that straight and double edge wet shave razors will last a lifetime. One of the most asked questions directed to Shaving Professionals is how to get rid of razor bumps.
With wetshaving, the hair is cut cleanly, unlike multiblade disposable cartridge shaving where the “tug and cut” method is used. With wetshaving, the only waste is the lather that goes down the drain, but even that is much more environmentally friendly than using gels full of chemicals.

Many times, straight and double edge razors have been passed down from generation to generation, and along with an excellent shaving tool, bring cherished memories that can never be replaced. In fact, the art of wetshaving has been described as the ultimate relaxation for your face.
Mineral oil, added to lock in moisture, has been found in some canned shaving creams and gels.
While to some of us this might not be a major factor in the type of shaving one chooses to do, to others this is quite important. Not only is the quality of shaving much improved but also the enjoyment factor that follows.
Rather than being constructed of cheap plastic, wetshaving razors are typically made of metal and provide a sturdy handle and shave head. Keep in mind that with any type of shaving, layers of skin as well as the hair are being removed.
The double edge razors can easily be recycled and shaving soap bowls can be reused over and over.
With cream, place in the palm of the hand and then introduce your hot wet brush in circular motions to obtain the perfect lather.

On the other hand, wetshaving razors include just one blade and depending on the type of razor, are usually quite easy to keep clean and maintain.
If you find a particular product you really enjoy, be sure to stock up to ensure the shaving cream or soap is always available for future use, knowing that you will benefit small enterprises. For those of you that shave with a multiblade cartridge razor and deal with irritation on a constant basis, we recommend giving wetshaving a try to see if it works for you.
Next on a wet face apply the lather in circular motions again taking care to lift the hairs. If saving money is your top priority, you could instead look into buying and shaving with a straight razor, as there are no extra purchases such as replacement blades.
With traditional wetshaving, the hair is much more hydrated and allows for a better and closer shave.

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