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In this week’s round up of the best YouTube comments we see some sex advice, insane surfers, truly epic comments, and more! If you enjoyed this and want to see more hilarious YouTube Comments then head on over here. Comedian and impressionist Christina Bianco just went to the top of our favorite people list.
If you were in a sorrowful mood, this video clip can be an effective way to let you laugh and forget your sorrows.

With over 24 hours of video uploaded every 24 seconds to YouTube there is more hilarious commentary and YouTube reviews available than any one person could process in a hundred lifetimes. Just free download the top 10 funny YouTube videos (also other movies music) on your Mac OS within seconds. He is not only a dad of four kids from Atlanta but also the hero of suburbia, and he's funnier than anything we've seen on Vine, at least this year. The movie's scale is undeniably impressive and also deserves to be one of the top ten Oscar award movies of all time.

Hope you can have a funny Thanksgiving or Christmas Day by enjoying the top 10 hilarious YouTube videos inside instead of watching Macy's Day Parade outside.
It's also extremely popular with Internetters, racking up nearly 7 million views since hitting YouTube on Monday.

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