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How To Quit Smoking During Pregnancy(Tips To Help Pregnant Women Quit Smoking Without Stress And Frustration)Congratulations ! There's a lot of stigma associated with pregnant smokers (and kinda rightfully so, ladies), so many women don't even admit their habit to their doctors. Be patient and kind to yourself. People everywhere are totally against you as a pregnant smoker, everybody wants to see you successfully quit, and you know how awful smoking is for your unborn baby (and any born kids!). There aren’t conflicting reports like there are with drinking while pregnant or eating fish, or exercising, etc. In fact, 20 to 30 percent of pregnant smokers don't tell their medical providers at the first or even second visit that they smoke!
And if you can't do it alone, you should seek the help of a professional smoking-cessation counselor.

Looking at pictures of individuals with lung cancer and other type of complications that came from smoking will also help.
While we agree some children, whose mothers smoked and drank during pregnancy, have no health complications, there are far more that come out with all kinds of health challenges and the pains they go through cannot be equated to whatever pleasure the mothers allegedly got from smoking.
They are so terrible and even if quitting sounds a little bit tough, just remind yourself that the health of your little tot is all that matters. Schedule your smoking times and places for the two weeks leading up to your quitting "due date," and be sure to lessen your smoking schedule each day bit by bit your addiction will be lessened by the time you hit your quit date! And while no one is totally sure how nicotine alone affects your baby (it's just one of many toxins in cigarettes), there's no doubt that this method is safer than smoking!
When a craving strikes, count to 20 slowly, break up the cigarette in the jar, and inhale deeply from the jar.

In spite of the warnings, 10% of women in the United States still own up to smoking during pregnancy. Public Health Service states that if pregnant women ceased smoking, there would be an 11% drop in U.S.
Quitting cold turkey may not affect your baby, especially if you quit very early in your pregnancy.
The gradual method works best to prevent any stress or frustration during the quit process.The only exception is that your body do not feel the irritation and cravings during the cold turkey phase.

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