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Providing the tools to help parents gain confidence in their parenting skills so they can create the family life they desire. If your child hears you criticizing or judging others for their behaviors, actions or attitudes, it makes a child more wary of showing vulnerability and honesty in front of you for fear of the same. There is little more powerful to a child’s confidence and self-esteem than knowing that a parent is always involved and invested in whatever matters to him or her. Self-esteem and confidence are learned characteristics and traits, and children need opportunities to develop them.
When children understand the challenges faced by other peoples around the globe and the world problems created by the developed world, they will move out of their own small world to make a difference in the wider community.
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In other words, he develops an understanding of who he is and what he is capable of through what others communicate to him.

A child needs to have respect and understanding modeled as a way of observing the world around them – then they learn to form impressions based on neutrality. However, the more exposure a child has to learning new skills, the more he or she feels capable and confident that anything that comes in the future can be handled effectively.
Whether that means sitting on the sidelines at games, cheering as a child finishes a puzzle, or watching a child figure out how to ride a bike for the first time, your time and attention is so valuable. It seems that peers have more impact, but studies show that parents have the greatest and longest lasting influence. With encouragement, time and attention they can learn to embrace their capabilities and challenge their weaknesses.
Brenna has been blogging and writing articles on implementing Play Therapy in Parenting since 2006, and is currently finishing her PhD from the University of South Florida.
In the course I teach at the University of South Florida, I spend a large portion of the semester teaching college students about how their self-concept is created.

The more you show that you can accept your weaknesses and celebrate your strengths, the more you will encourage self-esteem in your kids to do the same.
So, in that line of thinking, I want to be purposeful in talking to my son about who I believe he is, and let him process that in time.
The more a child embraces something, the more they learn who they can be and what they want to accomplish.
I have written an article on self-esteem and answered a question from a parent about cultivating self-esteem, but I want to give five practical and easy ways to do that in this article.

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