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Whether you’re a young smoker who smokes to be part of a clique, or a seasoned smoker with smoking medals decorating your lungs, quitting can be tough. There are many people I know who have successfully given up smoking and are now living a healthier and happier life.
Listed below are some tips to quit smoking naturally, but before that let me tell you why you should quit smoking. Rather than list all the benefits of not smoking (I’m sure you know most of these), let me give a timeline (this is on average) of what happens in your body when you stop smoking.
24 hours later: Believe it or not, just one day after quitting smoking, your risk for heart attack will already have begun to drop.
So now that you have enough motivation to quit, here are few tips that will help you achieve your long-term “quitting” goals.
Make your own personal stop smoking plan: A good plan addresses both the short-term challenge of quitting smoking and the long-term challenge of preventing relapse. Identify your smoking triggers: One of the best things you can do to help yourself quit is to identify the things that make you want to smoke, including specific situations, activities, feelings, and people.
Coping with nicotine withdrawal symptoms: Once you stop smoking, you will experience a number of physical symptoms as your body withdraws from nicotine. Manage cigarette cravings: Having a plan to cope with cravings will help keep you from giving in.
Non-nicotine medication: These medications help you stop smoking by reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms without the use of nicotine. Smoking cigarettes has been shown to impact all the body’s major systems – cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive – and lead to many forms of cancer. In my stop smoking hypnotherapy consultations, when my patient can recognise that they are stuck in the nicotine trap, they can then throw out all of the other excuses that justify the need to keep smoking. In my stop smoking hypnotherapy consultations, the majority of my patients tell me that they smoke more cigarettes when they are anxious or stressed. Over the years, the smoking habit confuses your handling of stress and the recognition of low blood-nicotine levels.
In my hypnotherapy consultation, dealing with the nature of your stress and creating new solutions increases your confidence to let go of your smoking habit.

In my view, the reason that cigarette manufacturers have kept trapping people for so long is because smoking involves the process of deep breathing.
Medicines like Zyban and Champix can be helpful in stopping your smoking for a while, during which you can work on reducing your dependence on smoking. A hypnotherapist can help you work your way through quitting smoking by making you mentally prepared to look at cigarettes differently. 9.The Smoking Dream - Be prepared for an extremely vivid smoking dream as tobacco odors released by horizontal healing lungs are swept up bronchial tubes by rapidly healing cilia and come in contact with a vastly enhanced sense of smell. Visitors to WhyQuit will find our two free quitting ebooks, "Never Take Another Puff" and "Freedom from Nicotine - The Journey Home," the Net's largest collecton of original quitting articles, more than 200 free quitting videos and our two cold turkey quit smoking support groups, Turkeyville, Facebook's most popular quitting site, and Freedom, an education oriented message board Yuku group. 40 Quitting Tips - Key cold turkey nicotine cessation tips on how to stop smoking, vaping, chewing or sucking nicotine into your body and bloodstream. After a year without smoking, your risk for heart disease is lowered by 50 percent compared to when you were still smoking.
If alcohol triggers your smoking, switch to non-alcoholic drinks or drink only in places where smoking inside is prohibited. The symptoms could range from a simple craving and irritability to more serious symptoms like headaches and vomiting. The activity doesn’t matter as long as it gets your mind (and your hands) off smoking. Not only will you be smoking less cigarettes every pack, you’ll soon have a full pack for free. It’s true, as disconnected as the two may seem, smoking has a direct impact on the health of your bladder, and the only way to prevent the damage that smoking causes, is to quit smoking and avoid second-hand smoke. Smoking causes one in five deaths in America, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). When blood-nicotine levels drop, the craving symptoms create irritability, loss of concentration and physical tension (amongst other personal symptoms) that are very similar to symptoms of anxiety and stress. Many hypnotherapy patients underestimate the impact that stress can have on their smoking cessation goal. They help you with the immediate cravings and cope with stress and anxiety once you have stopped smoking.

Further smoking causes an overdose of nicotine in your blood and thus, your physical need for nicotine is fulfilled without smoking. But through the years, the technology had advanced and electronic cigarettes are now one of the most popular ways to quit or reduce smoking.
With the right game-plan tailored to your needs, you too can break the addiction, manage your cravings, and join the millions of people who have kicked the habit for good. Understanding these connections and learning how to breathe for relaxation will help you to cope with the cravings and cope with stress.
My stop smoking hypnotherapy course deals with your personal issues that can help convert you from a smoker to an ex-smoker and then into a non-smoker once again.
Just smoking excessively one day and quitting it the other day is only going to bring back the craving.
You decide that you want to go back to your old level of consumption until smoking cripples and then kills you, or you decide you really enjoy withdrawal and you want to make it last forever. This will help you to identify which tips, techniques or therapies may be most beneficial for you. When this is combined with an awareness of central issues that drive the smoking habit, the hypnotherapy patient is ready to stop smoking. If cigarettes are introduced during this period and before any independent skills have been learned, the smoking-breathing habit becomes the crutch.
If smoking cigarettes actually did this, I would have thought the cigarette manufacturers would have jumped onto the bandwagon by now and would have marketed this selling point. As the nicotine cravings and smoking habits changed you, you will have suddenly realised that you are struggling without them. The blood-nicotine levels are normalised and for how long this equilibrium lasts depends on the severity of your addiction.

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