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So when we connected in our virtual circles and started chatting about meal planning and how to feed our families, I told her I needed tips. No excuses for picky eaters not to eat vegetables, since salad is always ready to eat inside your fridge. During the week, heat up your rice in the microwave for 2 minutes, or until it’s nice and fluffy. In my opinion this is the single most important thing I have learned about time management.
If you have to run to the grocery store with little ones in tow several times a week, it can take a toll on you. This post is my landing page with the links to all 31 posts listed in order as they are released at the bottom, making it simple for everyone to follow along.
Each day of October I will be sharing a time saving tip that I have found to work for me in my quest to be a successful homeschooling work at home mom. Each post will be less than 250 words, because chances are if you are interested in a time saving series you don’t have a lot of time to spend reading. I  engage in a lot of money saving yet time consuming tasks to stretch my families earnings, such as cooking from scratch, making homemade cleaners and shopping frugally.
Nah, I am a pretty ordinary mom, just been one for 17 years now and learned a thing or two. But let me talk about the prep and share 3 proven tips that will save you at least 5 hours of free time every week to get your dinner ready in under 20 minutes! While at the grocery store, pick up some celery, bell peppers, baby carrots, or other vegetables for veggie snacks.
If you had more hours to work with your blog, you could create higher quality content, put more often and more content out, have more time to build your social presence and design your website. Here you find a temptation to check for emails, analytics tools for your blog traffic, world and sports news, etc.

It can be a temptation to continue your unfinished task the next day but in fact it is much more satisfying to live with the knowledge that you don’t have unfinished tasks for the next morning.
You might not feel it but each time you check for emails, you lose time and your other tasks are interrupted too. If you don’t ask for suggestions but instead offer solutions, you are able to cut the amount of emails in your inbox considerably. Make your life less hectic and keep your family organized with these sanity and time-saving tips.
During the week, many families end up eating junk or processed food because they think they don't have time to cook meals.
Math was unbearable for my son and I to get through with ease… so I tag teamed with my husband once he got home.
I’m curious how washing everything and then letting it sit in the fridge for 4-5 days will work freshness-wise. But while my research for this article I picked some good recommendations that I plan to apply too. You don't need to join every group, volunteer for every committee, sign your kids up for every activity or attend every event.
If you spend just one afternoon cooking and freezing meals, you can prepare enough food for your family for a week or more. Things still get left undone.Yet most days I feel like I live my life in balance thanks  in part to the time saving tips I have picked up through the years.
By making one big trip instead of a half a dozen smaller trips, you'll find you save more time and money.
Backpacks and briefcases can be loaded up, lunches can be packed and the table can be set for breakfast. If you have food prepared ahead of time, it won't matter if you get stuck in traffic or have to work a little late.

Another great way to do to save you time is to organize your to do list depends on priority level.
The reason for 11AM is that morning hours from 9-11 are the prime hours and by 11AM you should have finished at least one important task.
By waking up even just 15 to 20 minutes before you kids, you'll be assured a little peace and quiet time before kicking off the day. You can listen for pleasure, learn a foreign language, listen to motivational speakers or take a class through audio books. Moms on the go are always taking care of everyone around them — it's also important that you take care of yourself. If you can move your life out from these 3rd and 4th quadrants you have already freed considerable amount of time to deal with important things. I have learned to pick useful tips and tricks from other blogs, but I focus on doing and finishing my no 1 program.
I had used my prime time for not so important things and did not have enough time nor freshness to create quality content. Before starting to work, I set my mindset and deliberately switch off everything that might become a temptation and disruption for me. If it is time to do research, don’t check your emails but only work on researching that thing.

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