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For thousands of years the meditation skills of the ancient Taoist (men and women who lived close to Nature and functioned as part mystic and part scientist) were used to explore the inner landscapes of the human mind. And, more and more, progressively minded primary care and mental health professionals are recommending meditation practice to their patients to prevent heart attacks and stroke, and to help recover from a broken heart and or other psychological trauma.
Not aware of meditation dangers, they can unexpectedly being, happiness, creativity, prosperity, love angeles, California. Monks as a place of taoist meditation techniques meditation and spiritual don't end up meditating longer, keep practicing one various religious, cultural. Bhavana SocietyEstablished in Washington DC, in 1982, Bhavana Society is dedicated to the practice of Theravada Buddhist meditation. BodhinyanaramaBodhinyanarama is a monastic residence of the Theravada tradition of Buddhism set in a 51 hectare Native Reserve of regenerating bush 29 kms from Wellington, New Zealand. Buddhist Society of Western AustraliaThe Buddhist Society of Western Australia is a Theravada Buddhist group based on the forest tradition of SE Asia.
Insight Community of the DesertLocated in Palm Springs, California, The Insight Community of the Desert's mission is to cultivate peace, compassion and interconnection through mindfulness practice and wisdom teachings from Buddhist and other contemplative traditions.
The Insight Meditation Center of NewburyportIMCN offers a variety of meditation opportunities including daily sittings, practice groups, retreats and workshops. Insight Meditation South BayIMSB, dedicated to the liberating teachings of the Buddha, was founded by Shaila Catherine to support Buddhist meditation practice in the Silicon Valley and South Bay area of California. The International Meditation CentresThere are six International Meditation Centres in the Sayagyi U Ba Khin Tradition.
Meditation Center Beatenberg SwitzerlandThe center offers various forms of meditation from among the great wealth of Buddhist traditions, continuing thereby a tradition of 2500 years, at the same time introducing forms and methods that are helpful in our modern times.
Open Door SanghaOpen Door Sangha is a community for Buddhist practice, primarily in the Insight (Vipassana) tradition, in Santa Barbara, California. Pa-Auk Forest MonasteryPa-Auk Forest Monastery is a Buddhist monastery in the Theravada tradition, with emphasis on the teaching and practice of both Samatha (tranquility) and Vipassana (insight) meditation.
Sacramento Insight MeditationSacramento Insight Meditation's mission is to serve as a learning, training, and community center for the development, integration, and skillful use of meditation practices and awareness in all aspects of individual, family, educational, institutional, work, and community life. Temple Forest MonasteryTemple Forest Monastery is a Buddhist monastery in the Thai forest tradition of Ajahn Chah and Ajahn Sumedho, located in the small town of Temple, New Hampshire. True North InsightTrue North Insight (TNI) is a nonprofit center for the practice of insight (vipassana) meditation in English and French in Eastern Canada.
Vimalakirti Center in GenevaLocated in Geneva, Switzerland, the Vimalakirti Center offers classes in vipassana meditation and other practices within the Buddhist tradition. The Westcoast Dharma SocietyThe Westcoast Dharma Society was formed in Vancouver, BC, Canada to promote Buddhist meditation practices (primarily Vipassana and Metta) for the benefit of all beings. Access To InsightResources for practice and meditation -- directories, text archives, self-guided tour through the Pali Canon.
Shambhala Sun MagazineThe Shambhala Sun is the magazine about waking up, bringing a Buddhist view to all the important issues in modern life.
With a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere the CMC offers classes, Insight Meditation (Vipassana) instruction and practice, daylong retreats, workshops, and social events. Gaia House offers Insight Meditation (known as Vipassana in the Buddhist tradition) and Zen Retreats throughout the year.
We offer a range of programs which include the practice of Insight Meditation, also known as Vipassana in the Buddhist tradition. All were founded to provide facilities for the instruction and practice of Theravada Buddhist Meditation. NYI provides a place where all are welcome to begin or deepen meditation practice based on the liberation teachings of the Buddha. The group organizes weekly sittings, practice days, silent meditation retreats, courses and study groups.
The Nirodha Trust offers, free of charge, online courses in Pali, Suttas, and soon courses on the Abhidhamma and meditation teachings and guidance by Dhammaruwan. Situated in a forest along the Taung Nyo Mountain range in Mon State, Myanmar, the monastery provides a conducive setting for the practice of long-term, intensive meditation. The Santa Fe Vipassana Sangha is a community of Dharma practitioners seeking liberation through Insight Meditation and integration of the Buddha's teachings into daily life. Each of the centres in the West is a direct offshoot of the International Meditation Centre of Yangon, Myanmar (formerly Rangoon, Burma), which was founded by Sayagyi U Ba Khin. Our goal is to help participants explore original Buddhist texts and appreciate the richness of the tradition and lineage.
The center offers Society members and friends rare opportunities to practice Vipassana meditation in an ideal setting, in keeping with the forest tradition. Meditation has been shown to be very effective in reducing stress, lowering hypertension, high blood pressure and slowing down the aging process. For all the above reasons, Taoist meditation techniques focus on simplicity, naturalness, evenness, patience and emotional balance first and foremost. One of the primary goals of Natural Way meditation is to reduce complicated thinking and to regain the innocent qualities of a newborn infant; this in turn helps the body become lighter, less burdened and more vital. Dharma SeedDharma Seed freely offers a growing archive of talks and guided meditations by leading teachers of the vipassana (insight) and metta (loving-kindness) practices of Theravada Buddhism.
Buddhist Families of DurhamLocated in Durham, North Carolina, the BFD supports parents and their children in the practice of mindfulness meditation and the understanding of Buddhist teachings within the vipassana lineage.

Cambridge Insight Meditation CenterCIMC is a non-residential urban center for the teaching and practice of insight meditation.
Common Ground Meditation CenterBased in Minneapolis, MN, and supporting the Twin Cities mindfulness meditation community, Common Ground exists to support the awakening of suffering beings through the development of an ethical life, the cultivation of a pure heart and quiet mind, and through a deepening of insight into the way things are. The Forest Hermitage - Wat Pah SantidhammaThis is a Buddhist monastery after the style of the forest monasteries of N.E. The Insight Meditation Center of the Pioneer ValleyIMC PV is a non-residential urban center located in Easthampton, MA. Mid America Dharma GroupMid America Dharma Group is a non-profit organization dedicated to making the practice of vipassana or Insight Meditation available to others in the central region of the United States.
The Philadelphia Meditation CenterA Non-sectarian Meditation Center in the Philadelphia Area.
Saranaloka FoundationSaranaloka Foundation supports a small community of Theravada Buddhist nuns living at Aloka Vihara in the Sierra Foothhills of California. Vallecitos Mountain RefugeThe Vallecitos Mountain Refuge is a wilderness ranch and contemplative retreat center seeking to strengthen and support progressive leaders and advocacy organizations working for social change and the protection of the environment in our society. Vipassana Metta Foundation of MauiLocated on Maui, the Vipassana Metta Foundation currently conducts regular silent vipassana metta retreats: daylong, weekend, annual two-week (March) and an annual month-long (August).
Tricycle: The Buddhist ReviewTricycle is a non-profit quarterly magazine with an educational charter to spread the dharma. Weekend retreats several times a year, vipassana instruction in the traditional Theravadan tradition. The purpose of our community is to provide a supportive and friendly environment for the practice of meditation. The Sangha offers weekly meditation groups, introductory meditation classes, occasional daylong mini-retreats and weekend retreats with well-known Buddhist teachers. During the course of the year, Plum Village welcomes thousands of retreatants from all over the world. WDS focuses on retreat management with the specific mandate of bringing senior Western Dharma teachers to Vancouver to lead meditation retreats. Simple movements known as Kum Nye (Tibetan healing yoga) and a skillful use of the voice (Voice Awareness) are integrated in some of our workshops and retreats.
Questioning her affiliation with formal Buddhist Zen, Toni Packer left the Rochester Zen Center, where she had been a teacher, with a group of friends in 1981.
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All of the above benefits of meditation practice are truly excellent, but are only positive side affects in comparison to its more noble purpose: to deepen one's spiritual understanding of oneself and others, in order to live more harmoniously in this world.
AbhayagiriChanting and dhamma talks from a Buddhist community in Redwood, CA, in the tradition of Ajahn Chah, Ajahn Sumedho & Amaravati Buddhist Monastery. The Community Meditation CenterThe Community Meditation Center is located in New York City on Manhattan’s upper west side. Gainesville Vipassana SocietyLocated in Gainesville, Florida, the purpose of the Gainesville Vipassana Society is to support the practice of Vipassana (Insight Meditation) by offering frequent residential retreats and weekly sitting groups. InsightLAInsightLA, under the direction of Trudy Goodman, guides the practice of Buddhist meditation individually, in sitting groups, and through retreats in the Los Angeles and Southern California area.
The Mountain HermitageConceived as small meditation center in the exquisite, pristine, high country of northern New Mexico, The Mountain Hermitage is dedicated to the cultivation of wisdom and compassion and a way of life based on teachings of the Buddha. Plum VillagePlum Village, a Buddhist monastery for monks and nuns and a practice center for lay people in France, was founded in 1982 by the Vietnamese Zen-Master Thich Nhat Hanh (Thay).
Sati Center for Buddhist StudiesSati Center for Buddhist Studies supports the study of Buddhist teachings.
Vermont Insight Meditation CenterVermont Insight Meditation Center is a community-based, non-residential center for the practice of Vipassana or Insight meditation, and for the study of Buddhist teachings and mindfulness practice in daily life.
Vipassana HawaiiVipassana Hawaii was established in Honolulu in 1984 to support the teachings of classical Buddhism and to make them relevant to the issues of our day.
Zen PeacemakersThe mission of the Zen Peacemakers is to alleviate suffering in the world by promoting actualized spiritual practice that includes meditation, study, direct social service and multi-faith cooperation. Turning Wheel Media Turning Wheel Media is an online home for activists and thinkers, writers and readers, a place to bring Buddhist teachings into conversation with the world.
It is an informal group and those interested in mindfulness meditation are heartily welcome to join whenever they wish.
Our center offers self-directed and self-sufficient temporary, monastic style meditation retreats. The group meets in Morristown, NJ for weekly Sunday night group meditation, and for monthly Saturday all day peer retreats.
Monthly daylongs, nonresidential weekend seminars, residential retreats, and Dharma study courses are offered in the nearby cities of San Jose, Campbell, Palo Alto and Menlo Park, as well as in Mountain View. Its breathing techniques resemble that of young children, which naturally breathe from their bellies. Seattle Insight Meditation SocietyListen to dharma talks offered by Rodney Smith and guest teachers at the Seattle Insight Meditation Society. Insight Meditation CenterThe Insight Meditation Center has been meeting since 1986 and is a gathering of individuals who meet in order to learn, support and deepen their mindfulness practice. New York Insight Meditation CenterNew York Insight (NYI) was founded as a nonprofit center for the practice of mindful awareness (vipassana or insight meditation).

The Satipanya Buddhist TrustDevoted to Vipassana Insight Meditation in the tradition of Mahasi Sayadaw of Burma, Satipanya is non-sectarian and of benefit to anyone of whatever religious or non-religious persuasion. Vipassana Dhura Meditation SocietyAn IMS teacher in the '70s, the monk Achan Sobin teaches precision mindfulness. Buddhayana Forest Retreat, Nova Scotia CanadaBuddhayana Forest Retreat is a Buddhist meditation retreat center, set in the beautiful mixed hardwood forest of Nova Scotia's Cobequid Highlands.
Forest Sangha's NewsletterThe Forest Sangha is a world-wide Buddhist community in the Thai Forest tradition of Ajahn Chah. Vipassana FellowshipWe are an independent site promoting a balanced approach to the practice of Buddhist meditation as found in the Theravada tradition.
It was founded in 1932 by Buddhadasa Bhikkhu and grew to become the most innovative and progressive Buddhist teaching center in Siam.
This meeting includes a period of sitting meditation, ongoing discussion on a book related to the practice.
Programs include evenings with renowned meditation teachers, ongoing classes, daylong retreats and weekend courses for the integration of meditation teachings in daily life. Insight Meditation Community of WashingtonListen to dharma talks offered by Tara Brach and guest teachers at the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, DC. Seattle Insight Meditation SocietyThe Seattle Insight Meditation Society (SIMS) is a non-profit organization devoted to offering the Buddha's teachings on insight and awareness to all those who seek them. Gift of LovingkindnessThe Gift of Lovingkindness is an online discussion group for anyone interested in lovingkindness (metta) meditation. Under the guidance of Marcia Rose, the community offers group meditations, classes, retreats, talks, and discussions aimed at deepening participants’ practice and understanding.
The newsletter contains news, views, articles, transcribed talks, poems, tutorials, contact addresses, forthcoming events, retreat schedules, etc. Mid-Peninsular Insight Meditation CenterThis site is an archive of dharma talks given by Gil Fronsdal and various guest speakers at the center since 2000. The Sharpham Trust, Devon, EnglandThe Sharpham Trust offers a broad education in traditional Buddhist values critically applied to contemporary needs.
Mind & Life InstituteThe Mind and Life Institute is dedicated to creating a collaboration and research partnership between modern science and Buddhism. While rooted in the classical Buddhist tradition, the BCBS mission calls for the study of all schools of Buddhism and discussions with other traditions. Its primary purpose is to serve as a place where Buddhist forest monks are able to live, and where those interested can become monks and receive a traditional training. We aim to offer resources to help nurture and sustain a fulfilling and effective meditation practice that is consistent with the Buddha's teachings. Sutta readingsA selection of the Buddha's Suttas, read aloud by senior teachers and practitioners in the Theravada Buddhist tradition.
Bodhinyanarama has its origins in the Thai Forest Tradition and is associated with the many branch monasteries of meditation master Ajahn Chah. TNI’s programming includes residential retreats, day-long retreats, non-residential daily life retreats, and weekly sitting groups in the regions of Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Kingston. Our vision is to create an ongoing community in which families develop a spiritual path in the Buddhist meditative tradition, integrate these principles into daily life at home, and apply such development toward the benefit and peace of the larger communities in which we live. The Buddhist Insight Network (BIN) hosts a searchable database of sitting groups practicing in the insight meditation tradition. Spirit Rock Meditation CenterLocated in Woodacre, California, Spirit Rock is dedicated to the teachings of the Buddha as presented in the vipassana tradition.The practice of mindful awareness, called Insight or Vipassana Meditation, is at the heart of all the activities at Spirit Rock.
Abhayagiri Buddhist MonasteryA Buddhist community in Redwood, California, in the tradition of Ajahn Chah, Ajahn Sumedho & Amaravati Buddhist Monastery.
Springwater Center for Meditative Inquiry and RetreatsSpringwater Center holds retreats throughout the year on 200 acres of woods, fields and streams in western New York.
It was started by a small group in 1973 and has since grown to become the largest Buddhist organisation in Australia. The Barn, Devon, EnglandThe Barn is a Buddhist meditation retreat center on the Sharpham Estate in Devon in south west England.
Stichting Inzichts MeditatieThis organization promotes the practice of vipassana meditation in The Netherlands and organizes vipassana meditation retreats with teachers from the East and the West. Barre Center for Buddhist StudiesBCBS offers a variety of opportunities for investigating the teachings of the Buddha – lectures, classes, workshops, retreats and independent study programs. Suan MokkhSuan Mokkh is a forest monastery along the coast of Southern Thailand, 600 km from Bangkok.
The Swedish VipassanagruppenVipassanagruppen is a Swedish nonprofit organization for people who are interested in insight meditation. Taos Mountain SanghaBased in the beautiful mountains and mesas of Northern New Mexico, Taos Mountain Sangha is a small community-based meditation center dedicated to the practice and teaching of Buddhist principles. Te MoataTe Moata is a beautiful retreat centre situated six kilometres north of Tairua, New Zealand, in 850 acres of protected native forest in the heart of the Coromandel peninsula.

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