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In 1993, the breast cancer that had plagued Jane Plant since 1987 returned for the fifth time. Within six weeks the lump in her neck had disappeared; within a year, she was in remission and remained cancer-free for the next 18 years.
THE SCIENCE BEHIND PROFESSOR PLANT'S THEORYProfessor Plant believes while going dairy-free helped her breast cancer, it could prove beneficial for those patients diagnosed with colorectal, lymphoma and throat cancer. Prof Plant was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1987 and believes the disease is inextricably linked with animal products.
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It came in the shape of a secondary tumour – a lump in her neck the size of half a boiled egg. Having already cut down on animal protein such as meat, fish and eggs, she now cut out all milk products, including the live organic yogurt she had religiously eaten for several years.
Other substances called binding proteins normally control them, including their potential impact on cancer cells. High circulating levels of one such growth factor in milk, called IGF-1, is now strongly linked to the development of many cancers.
Prof Plant points out that in the udders of cows with mastitis, VEGF is present to help fight infection.

Prof Plant explains that if we consume too much acid-generating food, our bodies become acidic – an environment in which cancer cells can flourish. The foods highest in generating acid (not, as might be assumed, citrus fruit) include eggs, meat, fish and dairy – with cheese the most acid generating-food of all. She is now taking tamoxifen and seems confident that a combination of medical treatment, diet and relaxation will knock this recurrence on the head.

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