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Focus on the words in the photo above and you most likely will not notice the flowers on the shore, or even the ocean beyond the shore. When you focus on a problem everything else,  including the solution, is invivible. There is no thought required when you listen to the  guided meditations on Finding Your Solutions. When listening to these guided meditations you go into a relaxed state that is right for you at your own pace. The purpose of the first guided meditationson Finding Your Solutions is to help you learn an easy way to meditate using your perfect mantra.
The second program on Finding Your Solutions guides to into a section of nature that you enjoy. However, your subconscious hears every word, learns the easiest way to go into meditation, awakens your creativity. When you define yourself instead of listening to someone else say who you are or should be, you can uncover your true nature and move forward in the best way for you. Your reality is like an auto pilot that guides how you automatically respond to everything in day to day life.  If your reality has been formed by the opinion of others, then you are not in charge of your auto pilot. The second meditation on Finding Your Solutions guides you to create in your mind a garden where solutions grow. When first focusing on your breath and then solutions you form the very good habit of saying yes to happiness and opportunity. Listening to the guided meditations on Finding Your Solutions you slip beneath your thoughts, or between your thoughts,  where that problem tape does not exist.  Each time you are guided beneath your thoughts you go deeper into your reservoir of insightful wisdom and potential. Click  on the guided meditations and listen to a free preview of the meditations on Finding Your solutions .   This is slice of what you will experience when you purchase the CD Finding Your Solutions. The easy-to-use guided meditations on Finding Your Solutions help you to make that connection. When you are repeatedly guided into a state of tranquility that is right for you, you begin to automatically focus on solutions as you look beyond your problems. In a state you find more harmony in your life. In the stillness of meditation when you are separate from what is happening around you, it is easier to  uncover the proper question. One of the easiest ways to go into meditation on these days is to listen to the guided meditations on   Finding Your Solutions. If you go to the Easy meditation page you can experience one of my original guided meditations while waiting for your CD Finding Your Solutions to arrive in your mail box. The more you go into the stillness, the more calm is woven into your life. You can then adjust to changes more easily, see things from a new angle,  and uncover solutions that were hidden by mind clutter. As you flip through neurology magazines you will see that neuroscience has proven that meditation is a powerful tool not only in reducing stress levels, but also in generating new neurons.  Guided meditation is an easy way to go into the relaxation of meditation on those days when thoughts you actually do not want are bombarding you. You are guided into the Alpha state In the second program, and then through a part of nature you enjoy until you come to a garden where solutions grow. Your blood pressure can level out, your mind and body align with your authentic self, and you feel your rhythm instead of the reflected rhythms of others around you. The first guided meditation safely guides you to focus on your breath with only the sound of ocean waves in the background.
The deeper you go within, the more you allow your left and right brains to join in a dance that can bring abundance into your life.  This dance allows you to become more confident and secure in your decisions.

In guided meditation that unoccupied comfortable bench is reserved for you to go into the depth of relaxation that is right for you at that present moment.
The unlimited space in guided meditation allows your mind and body to reorganize, revitalize and bring you back to that place of well-being. Letting go counteracts the toxins in your system created by the stresses of every day life, and allows you to embrace a world filled with unseen solutions. Once you get into the habit of pausing to reorganize, you not only see those small pieces of beauty, but they can come to you.
Once you learn to let go and open up, you will see the light within the darkness of meditation, and the beauty that before was hidden by filters within your visual cortex.
Listening to guided meditations on Finding Your solutions can help you let go and connect to the beauty within you. Daily meditation can bring a new calmness into your life, which allows you to see a different side of life. On the other hand, taking a few minutes each day to listen to the second guided meditation on Finding Your Solutions can be a powerful step in switching your direction in those troubling areas in your life.
Being immersed in the beauty of nature can make problems stop growing in a way that blocks you view of solutions.
Repeatedly listening to guided meditations on Finding Your Solutions helps life be easier to handle. Place your order today and take the first step to going to a place that is totally your creation that is beyond your problems,. With the sounds of nature softly in the background 'Finding Your Solutions' first helps you learn how to mediate easily, and then opens you to . One of the easiest ways to remove 'mind clutter' is to listen to one or both of these guided meditations on Finding Your Solutions. While the fist program is only 15 minutes, the relaxation you experience is equal to 45 minutes of sleep, so you can recharge yourself even at lunchtime.
When you look beyond your problem with a clear mind you can see the path to finding your 'right' solutions. Every invention, every step forward in human evolution has come from probing into the mystery and not relying on the known. Listening to Finding Your Solutions can help you not only look beyond problems, but guide you to easily go into meditation wherever is safe and comfortable for you to do so. The second program takes you on a journey to a place that does not exist in the real world; a place where you beyond your problems. Order today and listen to these easy-to-use guided meditations to relax your mind and discover your hidden solutions that can bring a NEW light into your life, any place you feel comfortable. In this unique place, which you create, you can quiet your mind; a quiet mind is an intuitive mind that sees solutions and the beauty that others do not see.

You can simply be when you shut off your phone, get comfortable, close your eyes, and let my voice guide you into relaxation.
When you are focused on my voice guiding you into the relaxation of meditation, you stop analyzing and allow your subconscious to show you many things. When listening to the first program you can learn to easily go into meditation listening to your breath.
The second program on the CD Finding Your Solutions is a controlled positive day dream to a safe unique place that you create. When you order ‘Finding Your Solutions’, you take the first step on your journey beneath your thoughts where you can focus on your skills and look beyond problems. In a state of relaxation that is right for you tranquility happens, which is followed by the insight that is right for you at that time. With her soothing voice, Sarah McLean guides listeners through meditations set to sacred healing sounds. In this series, Sarah McLean reviews each quality of living a soul centered life - a perfect study companion for her best-selling book Soul-Centered: Transform Your Life in 8 Weeks with Meditation. Prepare to be transformed as Sarah guides you through brand new meditations with gentle instruction . Inspired by Sarah’s 20 year journey into meditation, this series will help you to explore a variety of meditation techniques and establish a practice that is just right for you. Each week's lesson will reflect a benefit derived from meditation: Awareness, Peace, Freedom, Compassion, Intimacy, Authenticity, Receptivity, and Nourishment. Sarah McLean delivers captivating instructions for the beginner, reminders for the seasoned meditator, and three soothing guided meditations. Listening you learn to set the outside world aside and look within; when you look within you can discover that you have the best for yourself and to give to others. She illustrates how to culitvate the qualities with striking examples and leads the listener into a deep meditation practice. Become the most purely aware, connected, peaceful, accepting, loving, authentic, receptive, and nourishing version of you. A selection of crystal bowl healing sounds makes this CD perfect for anyone seeking a soulful companion for meditation.

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