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Okinawan koto school to celebrate its 50th anniversary with artists from Okinawa and Hawaii, Nov.
Classical Okinawan koto school Ryukyu Sokyoku Koyokai will celebrate the 50th anniversary of their establishment as the Los Angeles Branch by presenting the concert entitled “Hibiki Wataru” (The Journey of Sound) on Saturday, Nov.
Veteran Japanese folk song instructor and her students to present their 50th anniversary program, Nov.
Asian Art Museum in San Francisco 200 Larkin Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 Looking East: Now Japan Inspired Monet, Vab Gogh and other Western artists Oct. The Skirball Cultural Center presents Manzanar: The Wartime Photographs of Ansel Adams, featuring fifty little-known photographs by Ansel Adams (1902–1984) that depict the treatment of Japanese Americans at the Manzanar incarceration camp in central California. Los Angeles County Museum of Art Living for the Moment: Japanese Prints from the Barbara S. Los Angeles County Museum of Art Screens, Scrolls, and Prints: Japanese Art from LACMA’s Collection Resnick Pavilion October 18, 2015–March 20, 2016 In 1965, architect Frank Gehry designed his first exhibition for LACMA, for Art Treasures from Japan, organized by the museum’s curator of Asian Art, George Kuwayama. The Japanese Friendship Garden of San Diego will host Japanese Bamboo and the World Expo: A Century of Discovery exhibition at the Inamori Pavilion from Sept. Matsutoyo Sato in California, her school Matsutoyo Kai will present the program on Sunday, Nov. Taken during World War II, the black and white works were originally published in Adams’s book Born Free and Equal (1944) in which he protested what he called the “enforced exodus” of a minority of citizens.

Bowman Collection October 11, 2015–May 1, 2016 Pavilion for Japanese Art, Level 3, and Ahmanson Building, Level 2 + The Los Angeles County Museum of Art presents Living for the Moment: Japanese Prints from the Barbara S. Gehry’s sensitive design featured elements of Japanese architecture—for example, rock gardens, wood post and beam construction for the barriers protecting sculptures, and dedicated niches for the art. 29 Japanese Paintings and Prints: Celebrating LACMA’s 50th Anniversary commemorates the museum’s 50th year as well as the individuals and groups who have shaped the museum’s collections of Japanese paintings and prints. Near 100 artists from Los Angeles, Okinawa, and Hawaii will perform koto, sanshin, kucho (a bowed instrument), fwanso (a transverse flute), and taiko.
7, 2016 European, American and Japanese masterpieces in exhibition exploring the impact of Japan on Western artists Looking East features more than 170 artworks drawn from the acclaimed collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, with masterpieces by the great Impressionist and post-Impressionist painters Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Mary Cassatt, Edgar Degas and Paul Gauguin, among others. The architect alluded to low ceilings typical of Japan’s domestic architecture through cloth that delicately canopied from the ceiling. 3, 2016 Bamboo is a quintessential part of Japanese culture, shaping the country’s social, artistic, and spiritual landscape. Cultural News is published for Introducing the best of Japanese art exhibitions and cultural events to the public in Los Angeles Cultural News is subscribed by Enthusiasts of Japanese art and culture Seekers for their Japanese heritage Japan’s natives rediscovering their culture outside of Japan The standard budget of the Cultural News operation in past five years is $35,000 annually. Performing will be sixty members of the Matsutoyo Kai from the main studio in Gardena as well as branch studios in Berkeley, Orange County, Lodi, and San Jose.  Students from Thailand will also be participating.
The exhibition features over 100 prints of transformative promised gifts of Japanese works to LACMA, representing the work of 32 artists.

Although bamboo is an abundant natural resource, it is a challenging artistic medium with less than 100 professional bamboo artists in Japan today.
With pieces spanning from an 1887 vessel by Hayakawa Shokosai I to Nakatomi Hajime’s 2015 Prism: Square, this exhibition will provide a rich introduction to the diverse developments bamboo arts have undergone throughout the last century. The program also will feature beautiful kimono-clad Minyo Station performing minyo, or Japanese folk songs. Mastering the art form requires decades of meticulous practice learning how to harvest, split, and plait the bamboo.
Japanese Bamboo and the World Expo will be presented by TAI Modern gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Fusing the personal and political in her work, Ishiuchi interweaves her identity with the complex history of postwar Japan that emerged from “shadows” cast by American occupation.

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