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It may take some arm-twisting, but if you can somehow convince your date to lounge around sampling good chocolate and sipping wine, then a tasting might just be the date for you!A chocolate tasting is just like a wine tasting in that you try a bunch of different flavors and talk about what you like and don't. On Sunday, ICE alum and star of Top Chef: Just Desserts, Zac Young came to ICE to guide students through a tasting of a variety of Guittard chocolates and demonstrate some desserts designed to highlight the flavor profiles of different chocolates. The Guittard family has manufactured chocolate in the San Francisco valley for more than 140 years. I’m not addicted to hot chocolate but I would love to have it with some marshmallow for topping. For the best tasting experience, set up your tasting party in a quiet, relaxed area of your home.
Offer your guests up to six different chocolate samples during the tasting, as any more might be overwhelming and affect their ability to fully appreciate each selection. Chocolate is the star of this party, so prior to the tasting, avoid serving any strong or spicy foods that can leave a lingering taste in the mouth.
Cleanse the palate before and during the tasting by sipping room-temperature water (drinking cold water keeps the chocolate from melting in the mouth) and by nibbling on small cubes of plain white bread.
Enjoy tasting the samples from light (such as milk chocolate) or the selection that has the lowest amount of cacao, progressively up to dark or the one with the highest percentage.
Encourage your guests to use all five senses while sampling each variety, and have everyone take notes about their impression of each chocolate. To keep the party going after the initial tasting has finished, introduce a few foods and drinks that pair well with chocolate to the table. Have fun comparing the original nuances of flavour to the flavours discovered when chocolate is paired with complementary foods and beverages. His “Whoppers and Pretzels,” a malted cheesecake with chocolate pretzel crunch was designed to highlight the flavor of Guittard’s Kokoleka Hawaiian 38% Milk Chocolate.

It's easy — just round up your friends, and enjoy a great night of chocolate with these party tips.
To prevent tainting the luscious aroma of the chocolate, keep the area as odour-free as possible by avoiding the use of candles and air fresheners. Place a note card nearby with the name of the chocolate on the plate, and make sure to keep the original wrap or packaging in case you need any further information. Be sure to do this before tasting each chocolate selection to allow the true flavour of the morsels to be revealed. A few things to look for in a premium chocolate include a glossy and uniform appearance, a crisp "snap" when broken, a smooth texture and various aromas and flavour notes, such as coffee, spice and fruit.
It's also a fun double-date if you want to include a few friends.First off, you're going to need a variety of chocolates.
Guittard line includes a variety of blended and single-origin chocolates made from beans from select locations. The other dessert, “Coconut Cream Pie ‘On Its Side’,” a chocolate cremeux and a coconut cremeux with coconut streusel, showcased the flavor of Guittard’s Complexite 70% Bittersweet Chocolate. I will definitely be interested in attending the chocolate appreciation class and can’t wait till they get their liquor licence. You can find a good assortment at some of your local chocolate shops, sweet shops, and supermarkets, or online at chocolatiers like Rechuitti, Chuao, Scharffen Berger, Godiva, and Ghirardelli. The students were able to taste 12 different chocolates, ranging from a 38% Hawaiian milk chocolate to a 91% bittersweet blended chocolate. Both desserts were a designed to contrast and balance flavors and textures, illustrating the uses of different types of chocolate. A thin chocolate crunchy & flaky top followed by the smooth googey dark chocolate fudge.

Remember to buy bars or tasting squares - not bon bons, nut clusters, and all that other stuff people wolf down at the holidays. The tasting included single-origins from Hawaii, Peru, Madagascar, Trinidad, Venezuela and more.
Zac said that as a pastry chef, he loved working with these single-origin chocolates because they have a flavor profile of their own and can they can be used to make desserts that go a step beyond the base flavors of chocolate and begin to highlight the fruit and flora notes chocolate can have.
Pick up a few bars in the 60% to 85% cacao range, along with some white and milk chocolate. The big chocolatiers also usually have a few unusual flavors, like chile or lavender, which make for some interesting tastes. Keep the pieces fairly small, say no bigger than your thumb, so that no one has chocolate overload before the end. Then light a fire or some candles, and head over to the couch for some low-key tasting and conversation.Tasting each chocolate has four steps.
Don't worry about memorizing them, Ghirardelli was nice enough to make tasting mats that you can download and print using the link over there to the right. Start with the sweeter chocolates (white, milk) and end with the more bitter ones (dark).AppearanceDescribe the color, gloss, and texture of the broken edges.

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