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Speaking of beer, you could also make customized labels for the bottles and let your loved one discover the messages one by one.
If he’s the sophisticated type, maybe he would love a monogrammed velvet ribbon which you can use for a photo album or a notebook.
If your Valentine likes to read, take notes and to go to the library, then a journal with a special front pocket for the library card would make a wonderful gift. The 14th of February is soon and we’d like to advise on a special gift for your beloved one those of you who were too busy to use PIXERS’ promotional codes for the Valentine’s Day.
Below you”ll find our fifteen charming gifts ideas together with necessary materials and tools.
Once you have cut out a whole lot of hearts, you can write a nice word on each of them and put all of them into a jar decorated with colourful tape and with a Valentine’s label.

In a flow of creative thinking you can think of making also a bottle full of candies – you’ll use the labels created for the previous project.
You can put small portions of different types of candies into a drug box – a small portion of candy for every week together with a loving slip note. It may be so old-school in the era of ITunes, but nevertheless it’s a charming idea to record your favourite song on a CD and wrap it in a customized envelop.
Vanessa Christenson has got a nice idea to personalize an eco-bag with a pinky-red heart made with stamps using …a pencil eraser!
This is an idea perfect for guys who already have used up the limit of flowers and chocolates. A perfect idea for all Ladies – a sheet of paper and red lipstick are sufficient to create a “kissy” poster for your Man!

If you fail to make or buy pompoms for time, cut a lot of colorful hearts and hang them on the ceiling!
Aa far as I know gifts made personally have always greater value, and especially for this day of love you should remember to make your lover smile.

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