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Just when you thought another browser couldn't possibly enter the market, along comes Arora, which is about as lightweight and basic as you can get.
For those looking for an ultra basic browser, Arora is ideal, although those that need plug-ins, web syncing and other special features won't find much to sing about.
Mac users generally appreciate the speed of Safari and how nice it looks, but don't like that it's not exactly the most feature-rich and doesn't really keep update that often. Camino is an open-source browser for Mac that's designed to be lightweight and simple to use. For reasons that do not depend on Softonic, you will be redirected to download Google Chrome on the author's website.
Extensions and bookmarking (including syncing across machines) are included, as is Adobe Flash.
It's fast, easy to use, has a great developer community, and even handles failure with grace.
Firefox is full of features and really great in theory, but on a Mac it hasn't ever performed all that well.
While Firefox, in theory, could be the best browser on the Mac it would first have to work well on the Mac. You won't find many of the complex features in most web browsers, but Camino will do its primary job very well.

Since coming onto the scene less then a decade ago, Chrome has grabbed a huge portion of the browser market to become one of the most widely used internet browsers available alongside Mozilla Firefox. Very fast and lightweight The first thing we noticed about Google Chrome for Mac is that it's unbelievably lightweight. Chrome for Mac only works on Intel Macs and you might find that some add-ons that you used with previous browsers aren't available for it yet. This is probably because it's based on the WebKit rendering engine used by Google Chrome and Safari. That said, it's still under development and no doubt will improve significantly over the coming months and years to make it a very solid browser. Chrome is kind of the best of both worlds, in that it has a nicer interface of Safari and the same WebKit-based speed, but is also constantly updating and adding new features. While it's true that the browser crashes infrequently, they can't say the same for individual tabs. For example, you can protect tabs from closing, get built-in BitTorrent support, peek at the contents of tabs without clicking them, and more. It finally has proper extension support so you're not completely bereft of all the wonderful add-ons you can get with Chrome and Firefox. While Firefoxwas consuming anything from an average of 20-30% of a Mac's CPU, Chrome for Mac barely registered on the scale, occasionally touching 1%. This is rapidly changing however and most popular add-ons are now available on Chrome. Perhaps most importantly, Google Chrome for Mac is extremely quick.

For anyone plagued with Firefox memory leaks and crashes, this alone is surely going to be a compelling reason to give Chrome a go. As you'd expect, Google Chrome for Mac also features tabbed browsing, which visually, is more attractive than Firefox which tends to cram them together somewhat.
Its also nice to know that with Chrome for Mac, even if there is a problem with one of your tabs, that it won't crash the whole browser - just the tab itself. The final version ensures that you'll be able to synchronize not only bookmarks across multiple computers, but also browser preferences - including themes, homepage and startup settings, web content settings, preferred languages, and even page zoom settings.
Indeed, Arora is a great browser for those that feel intimidated when it comes to the web browsing and it includes all the basics such as bookmarking, tabbed browsing and a download manager.
But Chrome is very fast, has an exceptional plug-in catalog, and is has the best things you'll find in most web browsers available for the Mac. Use one box for everything--type in the address bar and get suggestions for both search and Web pages. Meanwhile, you can also enable each extension to work in incognito mode through the extensions manager. An excellent, reliable browser With thousands of extensions, super fast browsing and all the intelligence and slickness you expect from a Google product, Chrome for Mac delivers an excellent browsing experience. It's a great browser when it does what it's supposed to do, so more stability, speed, security, and so on are all welcome. If Mozilla would only get the Mac version working as well as they have on Windows it would be a much closer battle between them and Google on OS X.

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