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We have found that up to 98% of the time, we think and behave in total congruency with our subconscious core beliefs. So that means to change the outcome you’re getting right now, you have to change the programming of your core beliefs. The good news is the latest neuro-science now knows how to replace the programming about your money, confidence, success, and income faster and easier than ever before.
The fancy scientific name for the process is NEURO RECONDITIONING which simply means changing the core subconscious programming of your brain. The reason it works so effectively is because it bypasses the filters of your critical conscious mind. Depending on your goals, one audio will program your subconscious for up to $10,000 per month, the other one up to $20,000 per month of income. Third track will install new positive programming in your subconscious on communication, consistency in prospecting, following up, connecting with your leads and clients, and effortlessly attracting plenty of good listings and sales. But you really don’t know if the Mind Matrix PLUS will specifically work for you unless you put it to the test.
When these thoughts come to our conscious mind, they may or may not be in harmony with our programming – programming that was ingrained into us when we were little ones. Not everyone knows that there is a non-physical barrier that lies between our conscious and subconscious that works to prevent anything from reaching our subconscious mind that is not in harmony with what our previous programming was. The programming receive from our environment also includes what we learned from our parents, TV, the movies, our peers, our teachers, what we read, what we are told from others, and commercials on TV and radio. The third type of programming, is one you will normally not hear about or read about, because it is an area of our brain that scientists have kept secret because they are either scared by it, or don’t fully understand it. This is the type of programming that we absorb without even knowing it and includes the beliefs and attitudes we have about our family, our country, our culture, our ethnic background, and our socio-economic status in life.
Subconscious programming is not done simply by thoughts that are repeated over and over on a consistent basis. Changing our programming involves many series of steps and processes that will be discussed.

In the upcoming pages, you will learn techniques that will help you to change your mindset and alter your subconscious programming so that you can change your way of thinking and live life the way you intend.
So if you are ready to take the plunge and begin the life-long process of change, you need to take that first step and that involves your mindset. You and I have certain beliefs locked deep inside our subconscious mind – many since our childhood.
If you have a bad experience at some point in your life, your conscious mind will take that in as input and send that input to your subconscious mind for processing. This can be a good thing, for it protects us from any negative thoughts or prevents any unknown or unwanted thoughts from entering into our subconscious mind.
The reason this type of programming is rarely discussed in psychiatry or even in medical journals is because we don’t even realize this is programming. We are fed thoughts just as a computer is fed thoughts, only our programming is done by actual words, while a computer is programmed by machine language or code. You must perform some technique that will break that barrier that prevents certain thoughts or signals from gaining entry into the subconscious area. Unless you are a genius or extremely intelligent, you have to practice that skill for a time until you have it so ingrained in your mind that it becomes a part of you or becomes second nature, because the repetition has entered your subconscious mind and is now working from there. You will become educated on how the human mind works and you will see how much power the human mind has.
But before we get into that you must understand the mind itself before you can learn about thoughts and how the mind uses and stores thoughts.
And you already know that discipline and willpower will not get you the permanent results you want because that is NOT the power center of the mind. That critic that constantly reminds you of the old programming, fear and negativity accumulated over the years. The subconscious is what really processes our thoughts that come into our conscious mind. And since our bodies are made up of millions of cells, whatever is in our subconscious mind can affect our health for good or bad.

And as the thoughts are being directed to you, your subconscious mind collects these thoughts and retains them, and locks them away in your memory banks forever. This will help guide you in the right direction so you’ll have a better understanding as to the proper way to alter your subconscious mind. So when you face that same or similar experience later, the subconscious automatically retrieves the memory so you can feel the same sensations you did previously.
This is why if we are to try to change our lives, we need to do more than change our thoughts, we have to go deeper than that and change our programming. You will either completely remove all your negative subconscious programming, install new positive beliefs, feel inspirited and start seeing immediate results in your business and in your life. The final process is delivered to our conscious mind in the form of feedback that we interpret as our thoughts.
The subconscious acts on whatever it is given by using predefined instructions (just as an operating system does) that basically tells it what to do and how to do it. It responds to the programming by doing or reacting to what was intended by the subconscious mind.
It takes in all our input and tells the subconscious when to go to work to process that input.
After the subconscious mind does what it needs to do, the conscious mind reacts to the results the subconscious mind produces then decides what to do next and feeds that information to the subconscious for processing. Plus, you can add more programming to it so it can perform all sorts of different functions besides the basics it came with.
However, the computer is constantly sending electronic signals back and forth just so you can use that software.

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