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We came across a useful article at Gerson Relocation, this week, covering great hints and tips on how to reduce the stress of moving home in 2014. As private moving experts in the UK, we found the main points interesting – especially the last tip regarding budgetary limits associated with domestic relocation.
We wholeheartedly endorse this point: despite the fact that as a leading provider of personal moving services across the country, providing a premium-level delivery of relocation expertise, and having helped top politicians, Members of Parliament and various celebrities move home, we ensure that our account management teams and Move Managers communicate all costs clearly and effectively with all our clients at every stage of the relocation process.
If you’d like to find our more about Gerson Relocation and our private moving services, please feel free to contact us here. Throughout the years we have discovered there a few different kinds of movers – those who are super organised (and tend to get the most stressed as they need things to be spot on) and the more complacent soul who is quite content to leave the planning and packing to the last minute. Today we discuss the countdown to moving and clarifying all that needs to be remembered as the exciting prospect of relocation edges ever nearer. The key to a stress-free move is to keep communication with your removals company, estate agent and solicitor so that any problems can be overcome as soon as they crop up.

Following these short but simple guidelines will go a long to keeping your move stress free. The planning and preparation that is required can seem daunting and is frequently put off until the last minute.
No matter what your style, there are a number of golden rules you can follow which will ensure the mover stays calm and relaxed while staying focused on getting the job done. We’ve got timed guides for what needs to be done three weeks, two weeks, a week and even the day before a move. This will be the date that you will work around and it will ensure you keep organised and aware of what needs to be done and when. Not only will this mean the hardest jobs are over and done with early, it will also give you more space when wrapping and packing other belongings. Visit the post office and arrange for post to be forwarded to the new address and ensure that all final bills are paid.

Put all valuable and personal documents in a safe and secure place and carry them personally to your new home once the day arrives.
It does not matter whether a person is only moving around the corner or they’ve decided to take the plunge and relocate to the other side of the world the feelings of stress, panic and worry are never far away.
Plus, we have information and tips on how to make moving with kids and pets a less traumatic experience for all. Also register with your new doctors, dentist, vet and any other health care providers, and inform the old ones of your move dates. And for those with green fingers we can even help with moving your beloved plants with minimum disruption.

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